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The Elbphilharmonie: a crisis project criticized for many years and rejected by many.

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#Brutal Cut reached 152 million , sparked 1000s of conversations calling for an end to FGM and helped secure £250,000 funding.

For Kwitt, Sparkasse’s newest app feature for mobile money transferring, we created an online campaign with an unusual testimonial: a debt collector.

Their spectacular footage was broadcast live on Facebook and brought tennis fans closer to their heroes than ever before.

In these times of data analytics, listening is easier than ever before. It was a topic of conversation in school yards and on the web.

The ultimate proof was delivered during the finals.

The tennis talents of the future – the ball boys and girls – wore a Go Pro camera during the match between Tsonga and Goffin.After 390,000 people had a virtual visit, we‘ve gone further and integrated a live video chat into the VR application with guided live-tours through the 360° videos to give specific insights into Bayer without a recruiter being physically on the fair or conference.So job observers can directly interact with our careers expert #viviamopositivo was a tour through the whole Italy, in 50 days, from the Alps to to Sicily, with 4 funny rickshaws!A revolutionary impression at the largest dental congress worldwide IDS and beyond?For the audience and those who that won´t get a chance to go there? With a surprising record breaking digital campaign.By making music, through the noises of networked devices – and by dancing to them.

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