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He couldn’t part with it when it came to Sue, however.When the check came, John was conveniently indisposed in the men’s room.

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They met at coffee shops, in diners, at the racetrack, in a shopping mall. The rest weren’t interested “in that sort of thing anymore.” , Sue thought, pecking those guys on the cheek before returning to her home office and checking the “Don’t contact me again” box under their names. The fourth was too shy to ask, even after she took off her clothes. Sue’s date with Doug lasted less than a half-hour because he came right out and told her he was interested in younger women but had thought he’d “give her a try,” even though her age was clearly listed on her profile. Things seemed to be going along swimmingly with Steve until he discovered Sue was a mother and grandmother—“too much baggage,” he said, even though he himself was a dad three times over and step-dad to two thirty-somethings—leaving Sue to wonder if all of them knew this lout regarded them as yesterday’s stinking leftovers.

She accepted dates with Jeremy, Cody, Marcus, and Ryan during her self-proclaimed cougar phase. Jim said she was too loud, Bill pronounced her too quiet.

It also hinted at her fun-loving spirit and revealed a few well-earned wrinkles. She wanted to slurp spaghetti and indulge in long, lazy afternoons entwined in a man’s arms.

She eventually said yes to Doug, Jim, Bill, Steve, and John.

Her work has most recently been published in NAILED Magazine, Brave on the Page: Oregon Writers on Craft and the Creative Life (Forest Avenue Press), the Riveter Magazine,, and Bleed, a literary blog from Jaded Ibis Press.

I’m Eve, variously labelled as a cougar, MILF, ingénue, randy romantic, and non-traditional poly/RA chick who likes to bend boundaries and question the status quo.

Why can’t Prince Charming grow up, put on big-boy pants and finally, mercifully, turn out to be Mr. Bathed in the pale-blue light of her monitor, Sue sighs and clicks out of OKCupid.

She shuts down her computer, picks up the latest issue of Nancy Townsley is managing editor of two community newspapers, the Hillsboro Tribune and the Forest Grove News-Times.

I’m interested in unpacking the notion of and social understandings behind monogamy.


  1. You should not worry about your appearance on a date.

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  4. Because that’s the only way to tell if there’s chemistry. Our IJL certified matchmakers create a dating experience personalized just for you. Date, time, where you go." "It plans everything, down to when and where you meet.

  5. Samantha Daniels, the founder of matching making service Samantha’s Table, launched The Dating Lounge as a Facebook app around two years ago. Daniels, a professional matchmaker, says the app is “invite-only” for people who earn more than a 0,000 a year. Anyone who is a member can send you an invite; Daniels also told The New York Observer she will let in people who earn less if they have “social connections” or an interesting job.

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  7. Namphrom told police that former colleague Nonwangchai, who worked at the same bar as the victim, had killed and dismembered her and that he was only driving.

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