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Whichever direction you choose, our staff will guide you through the process.

The case settled for the defendant driver’s insurance policy limits of $50,000.00.

A nearly 50 year old woman walked to her usual bus stop after work.

The resulting fire killed the truck driver, and the case settled for a total of $572,000.00.

If you’re looking for a personal injury attorney, chances are you’re facing a uniquely stressful situation.

A 17-year-old client was allegedly speeding on a multi-lane roadway in north Orange County when a left-turning driver violated his right of way.

The resulting crash caused severe injuries to the teenaged driver.

Then, as I continued my education, I found my true place — practicing law.

The way I see it, defending those who need to be defended is the right thing to do — plain and simple.

Artificial insemination is an affordable fertility treatment for any family.

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