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Proper steps make for a long lasting paint job.” – Donna A. “My grandma had the cheap, fake “paneling” (a grooved sheet with a woodgrain pattern). “Or fill the lines with joint compound and then texture mine looks great! I painted directly over it with Behr’s Ultra paint (whatever it’s called with the primer in it). It is now beautiful and lightened up my whole life.” – Donna S. “We just did the dark paneling in a house we bought 3 months ago with one coat of primer and two coats of quality paint.

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Instead of covering all your walls with wood planks, try a less-is-more route by just doing a small section.

This way, the wood will feel special when used, as proven by this One Room Challenge participant's makeover.

The paint store can tint your primer towards your paint color. I painted it tan, looks like sand and is beautiful in my beach bathroom!

I painted very dark paneling and it only took two coats to do it.” – Pam S. “I replaced mine last summer and just to prove a point to my husband I threw a piece on the fire. I would say REPLACE IT with something safer.” – Crissy B. “I bought a big tub of spackling and put it on paneling and used a trowel and sponge to add texture.

I did it in pastels so the rooms are light and airy.” – Marion J.

Used a paint with primer and paint in one and it still took two coats, but I think it looks great. I think more wood paneling was installed in the '60s and '70s than any other time period. Well I for one never listen to conventional wisdom.If retro isn't your decorating style, the good news is--you won't have to remove the paneling; it can be painted. If you are nervous about how your paneling will look, pick an inconspicuous spot and do a test patch. Paint it on just like a normal wall, masking off the ceiling, trim and baseboards. Use a tack cloth to get all the sandpaper residue off. I know this is a lot of work, but will provide you with years of beauty when done right.” – Sandra L. “I have ugly paneling half way down the wall in my bedroom. Wash it with soap and water to clean the grime, then lightly sand with a fine grit sandpaper. If you want to cover them, fill each one with paintable chalk and smooth. Paint as you did the primer, cutting in the edges with a brush, and then rolling on the paint. Fill all of the grooves with spackling compound or dry wall compound. You can choose to not sand the spackle, adding texture to the wall.


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