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He’s always been my true love.” Spoken like a soap diva. “More like a sitcom than a soap opera.” A self-described class clown, Jack is a notorious jokester on the set of Melrose Place, where for the past two seasons he has played the sometimes villainous Dr. (Last season, Jack’s character tried to murder Heather Locklear‘s Amanda; this season, he has apparently fallen in love with her.) He purposely calls cast members by the wrong names during rehearsals and sticks out his tongue at costars when he’s out of camera range and they’re trying to deliver their lines.Jack, 36, has a less romantic vision of their life together with Peter, now 5, and Harrison, who turns 1 on Dec. “He should be a standup comedian,” says Josie Bissett (who plays Jane Mancini). I keep calling [producer] Aaron Spelling and saying, ‘Jack here. I’ve only got four or five scenes a show.’ And he goes, ‘Jack who? Born in Washington, Mo., the son of Peter Wagner, a car salesman who died in 1990, and his wife, Scotty (“she’s alive and well and still 28,” says Jack), he took up golf at age 10 and spent his teen years planning on becoming a pro.They tweet each other quite regularly, and she has been by his side at events.

But unbeknownst to all but a few of the actors’ close friends, romance was blooming in the real world as well.

In 1990, Wagner and Malandro had a son, Peter; three years later they were married, and Malandro changed her name to Kristina Wagner.

“He makes me laugh so hard I can’t even do scenes.” This may be part of his plan. Performing on stage was just an extracurricular activity for him at the local St. “He has always been an entertainer,” says his friend Jim Powers, a former teacher at St; Gertrude who is now his personal manager.

“He was really a leader of the school.” After attending the University of Missouri for a year—and winning the state golf championship—he applied for a golf scholarship to the University of Arizona in 1980.

Through the typical menagerie of soap opera roadblocks (evil fiance, other interested parties, etc.) the two finally found love and each other.

Of course, it is soap-opera-land and the two don’t remain together for very long.The choice: Stay with her new fiancé or turn back the clock to be with her first love.Since all this happened on ABC’s General Hospital, true love won out: Malandro’s Felicia Cummings returned to Wagner’s Frisco Jones, much to the delight of the soap’s fans."We've been dating probably about a year, maybe more," Wagner shares.alum’s youngest son, Harrison, went missing after a relapse with drugs and alcohol.Even though they eventually divorced, the two remain friends and co-parents. Or maybe an acting buddy of Rosemary – Jack’s former fiancee and current thorn in Elizabeth’s side?


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