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It also helps to explain why we behave as we do on a daily basis in our modern world: why we bring gifts on dates, why we get jealous, why we crave our favorite foods, why we protect our children, and so on.Evolution may seem like a historical concept that applies only to our ancient ancestors but, in truth, it is still very much a part of our modern daily lives. Many think of evolution as the development of traits and behaviors that allow us to survive this “dog-eat-dog” world, like strong leg muscles to run fast, or fists to punch and defend ourselves.

It is possible that we have been taught these behaviors by observing others.

It is also possible, however, that these behaviors—the fancy clothes, the expensive restaurant—are biologically programmed into us. " However, we all know that our ancestors hundreds of thousands of years ago weren’t driving sports cars or wearing designer clothes to attract mates.

The receiver of the gift evaluates not only the gift but also the gift-giver's clothes, physical appearance, and many other qualities, to determine whether the individual is a suitable mate.

But because these evolutionary processes are hardwired into us, it is easy to overlook their influence.

In fact, you may even consider flossing your teeth for the first time all year.

When considering why you put in all this work, you probably recognize that you’re doing it to impress the other person. Where did you get the idea that a first date should be at a nice restaurant or someplace unique?That is, just as peacocks display their feathers to show how attractive they are, or some lizards do push-ups to show how strong they are, when we style our hair or bring a gift to a date, we’re trying to communicate to the other person: “Hey, I’m a good mate! So how could someone ever say that such behaviors are “biologically programmed” into us?Well, even though our ancestors might not have been doing these specific actions, these behaviors are the result of the same driving force: the powerful influence of evolution.Sexual selection theory describes how evolution has shaped us to provide a mating advantage rather than just a survival advantage and occurs through two distinct pathways: intrasexual competition and intersexual selection.Gene selection theory, the modern explanation behind evolutionary biology, occurs through the desire for gene replication.Psychology — the scientific study of human behavior and mental processes — attempts to uncover why and how we do what we do.


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