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In cold aisles, the fronts of devices should face each other across the aisle and in hot aisles the backs of devices should face each other across the aisle.

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At the lowest layer there is virtualized hardware where storage devices can be virtualized into storage pools, and network devices are virtualized using virtual device contexts.

Data center requirements and mechanical specifications help to define the following: Desired power reliability drives requirements which may include multiple redundant power feeds from utility, backup generators, redundant power supplies.

Hot aisles should have no perforated tiles, which will keep hot/cold air from mixing and diluting its effect.

If equipment does not exhaust heat to the rear, other cooling techniques can be leveraged: Data center design must account for high density servers and heat produced by them.

Virtualization At top layer of architecture, the virtual machines are software entities that run hypervisors which emulate hardware.

Then there are the unified computing resources within which service profiles define the identity of the server.

Data Centers used to use mainframes to centrally process data, with users connecting via terminals to do work on the mainframe (Data Center 1.0).

Data Center 2.0 introduced the concept of client/server connections and distributed computing.

The main purpose of data center access layer is to provide Layer 2/3 physical port density for various servers.

The access layer also provides low-latency and high-performance switching that can support oversubscription requirements.

Considerations for following must be determined during design: Current enterprise data center design follows Cisco multilayer (hierarchical) architecture including access, aggregation and core layers.


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