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Synchronizing models with objects that differ in case may lead to My SQL Workbench producing a statement for that object, before recreating it as lowercase.

For more information, see Identifier Case Sensitivity Workarounds include using a consistent convention, where the most portable code uses lower case database and table names.

Synchronize data between models, databases, and SQL files.

Provisioning means the creation of Sync Framework auxiliary tables, stored procedures, functions, and triggers for tracking data changes in the specified synchronization scope - a table or a group of tables to synchronize data from.

Both databases being synchronized must be provisioned in order to synchronise data.

instance, and tracks changes that are made with sync tables.

The sync context maintains a queue that keeps an ordered list of Create, Update, and Delete (CUD) operations that will be sent to the Azure Mobile Apps instance later.

My Sql Sync Scope Provisioning is the key class for performing database provisioning. We will describe the provisioning and synchronization scopes in more details in our tutorial below.

After the provisioning, the databases can be synchronised.The Note: If a pull is executed against a table that has pending local updates, the pull will first execute a push on the sync context.This minimizes conflicts between changes that are already queued and new data from the Azure Mobile Apps instance.In addition, sync can be initiated in i OS and Android by using pull to refresh on the list of data, and on the Windows platforms by using the Sync button on the user interface. This article explained how to add offline sync functionality to a Xamarin. Offline sync allows users to interact with a mobile application, viewing, adding, or modifying data, even where there isn't a network connection.Changes are stored in a local database, and once the device is online, the changes can be synced with the Azure Mobile Apps instance.Sync Framework database synchronization providers, similar to ADO.

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