Microsoft synchronization services updating client database

This handles the scenario where a local change exists for data that's been deleted from the Azure Mobile Apps instance.

In a production application, developers should write a custom conflict-handling implementation that's suited to their use case.

My Sql Sync Scope Provisioning is the key class for performing database provisioning. We will describe the provisioning and synchronization scopes in more details in our tutorial below.

After the provisioning, the databases can be synchronised.

method also includes a basic implementation for handling conflicts when the same record has changed in both the local store and in the Azure Mobile Apps instance.

When the conflict is that data has been updated both in the local store and in the Azure Mobile Apps instance, the method discards the local change.

instance, and tracks changes that are made with sync tables.

The sync context maintains a queue that keeps an ordered list of Create, Update, and Delete (CUD) operations that will be sent to the Azure Mobile Apps instance later.

Synchronize data between models, databases, and SQL files.

These three types can be the target (destination), source, or both.

You can also select or deselect individual objects and modify their direction during the synchronization.


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