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Again, this one goes to the heart of the lack of diversity in Whitehall, Westminster and in particular within ministerial ranks.Would a minister from a minority ethnic background who had grown up in the inner cities during the 1970s have put a communications proposal forward like that? Can Home Office ministers (see here) look every single civil servant from a BME background in the eye and say that there will be absolutely no backlash from the wider community against them because of the colour of their skin? I struggle to see how this would have done given both of what I know of civil servants and also from the conversations about the importance of evidence bases in both policy and communications.

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(It’s very bad form for the mainstream press to deliberately make up quotations from ministers.

Yes, they’ll spin quotations to suit a given agenda, but making stuff up is far less often seen as Whitehall press offices tend to be hot on such things).

Where’s the evidence that driving around in a van with a billboard actually has any impact?

Is it from the political campaigning school from the last millennium?

At the same time, there is a school of thought particularly left of centre-left politics that takes the viewpoint that there is no such thing as an illegal person – the planet belongs to all of us and national borders are artificial constructs.

It exposes some of the inherent contradictions of globalisation and capitalism: To have increasingly efficient markets the theory states you need to remove barriers to the flow of wealth, capital, information and finally labour.

“The business can be profitable, but there are more benefits than just money,” she says.

SCIENTOLOGY: After my due care and consideration and a prolonged examination of events, patterns, attitudes and activities within the Church of Scientology over the past seven years, I hereby tender my resignation from this Organization.

Questions that the Home Office need to answer I will be interested to see whether the Committee picks this up and how both ministers and senior civil servants cope under cross-examination from both Julian and from Keith Vaz, the committee chair.

AMWAY: In pursuit of the almighty dollar Dateline investigation: Inside story of business that attracts people with promise of easy money SCIENTOLOGY: The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power A hugely profitable global racket that survives by intimidating members and critics Both have their detractors AMWAY: Some ex-distributors say they were pressured into buying an endless stream of such materials.

[Updated to add: A picture of the adverts can be seen here.


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