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Mehmet Kaya and Ann-Marie Mc Sweeney, the chef and manager of the Railway Hotel in Hornchurch, Essex, were jailed at Snaresbrook Crown Court for 12 months and 18 months respectively for perverting the course of justice.

Fining the company, Judge Alastair Hammerton at Snaresbrook Crown Court, said: 'The company had become aware of the risks [prior to the incident] of cooking, cooling, and re-heating, turkeys but had took manifestly inadequate steps in addressing that risk.'Addressing Kaya and Mc Sweeney, the judge said: 'Following the discovery of the food poisoning outbreak on December 26, Mrs Mc Sweeney and Mr Kaya, you both embarked upon the fabrication of the kitchen's due diligence logs.

There is a simple message in the details of this young life.

Whether or not we admit its pathetic quality, we must all recognize that people such as Monica Lewinsky exist, and that they pose a significant threat to those who choose to become intimately involved with them.

The result is that most of the world thinks of project management as BORING.

Not sure how it happened, but instead of thinking of the great moments in PM history, say the NASA space race, The D-Day invasion of Normandy, The construction of the pyramids, the Empire State building, or any of a thousand great things made possible only by someone’s effective management of the project, people think of pocket protectors, overdesigned charts, epic status reports, and people who spend too much time in rooms filled exclusively with other project managers.

Billie Dziech is probably the most committed academic to obliterating student professor intimate relationships.

She began her campaign in the 1980s with the publication of her tome THE LECHEROUS PROFESSOR and she continues her crusade to the present day.

In 1998 in the Chronicle of Higher education she published an essay entitled“The Abuse of Power in Intimate Relationships”.

This essay has not been systematically critiqued and continues to circulate on the web.

In addition, the Clinton-Lewinsky controversy has become a litmus test of Americans’ attitudes toward male-female relations, and a harbinger of future positions on gender issues.

Students and educators should listen carefully to the debate.

And it follows that in the professional world saying you are a project manager won’t get you much respect either.


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