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After killing her third victim, she phoned up a friend to sing the Britney Spears song “Oops...

I Did It Again”.“She didn’t realise how bizarre that behaviour was,” said Professor David Wilson, an expert on serial killers.

Pettet also made appearances on the television series Banacek, Mc Cloud, Mannix, Police Woman, Knight Rider and Murder, She Wrote.

She is not a classic serial killer who disengaged after a kill to re-enter normal life, before murdering again. But in killing three men and seriously wounding two others over 14 days of carnage, her behaviour is more like a slow-burning spree killer with each death triggering the next.

Afterwards, she celebrated by pointing out a body in a wheelie-bin like a trophy.

The grief over the death on 7 July 1995 of her only son, Damien Zach, at age 26, caused Pettet to retreat even further from Hollywood.

For a time, she lived in a remote area in California until she moved to London, where she was actor Alan Bates's companion; he died from pancreatic cancer in London in 2003 at the age of sixty-nine.

As she lifted the knife like Norman Bates in Psycho and plunged it into her final victim, she showed little emotion and appeared not to enjoy herself.

“Oh, look, you’re bleeding,” she told John Rogers, who nearly died from his wounds.

During filming in the Philippines she was held hostage by rebels, led by Gregorio Honasan, attempting to overthrow Corazon Aquino, and managed to escape the hotel where she was being held before fleeing the country.

By then, she had lost her enthusiasm for acting and decided it was time to bow out gracefully from the entertainment industry.

“I’d better do some more.”Dennehy, 31, is unique in the roll call of British multiple killers.

She does not fit the Myra Hindley or Rose West model of accomplice to a more dominant partner.

She and Cord were divorced in 1989 after 21 years of marriage. On 8 August 1969, Pettet had lunch at the house of Sharon Tate, a few hours before Tate's murder there during the night that followed.


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