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Thus, he is reported to be single and there is no any news of Paul getting dated with any lady.

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With all his effort Paul Blackthorne has an estimated the total net worth of around $3 million.

He is a very tall man with his height of more than 6 feet 3 inches/ 1.918m and his height is 91 kg.

According to Us Weekly reports the Bid Bang Theory actress Kaley is dating Paul.

Kaley Cuoco and Paul have been working for the welfare of the animals like elephants and selling T-shirts Poach Eggs.

Before this rumor, she was married to Ryan Sweeting in 2013 and they got divorced after 2 years of their marriage.

Furthermore, while going through Paul Blackthorne’s past dating history, we can find few of his dating and affairs revelation.The ridiculous thing about it, is that Rhino horn is made of the same thing as your FINGERNAILS.As far as I know fingernails don't cure cancer or make you the world's hottest lover, as is believed to be the case about Rhino horn in certain parts of the world (China, Vietnam, Thailand).Paul Blackthorne made his film debut in the role of Captain Russell in the Oscar-nominated Bollywood film and many others.Paul Blackthorne is unmarried till now, even he might be dating American actress Kaley Cuoco.However, it announced in June 2015 that he would be joining the cast of Dark Ascension starring as Willis.


  1. I’ve witnessed this in my personal relationships, in public discourse about pop stars like Chris Brown, and in my own social circles.

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