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Also, the kinds of product losses that are caused by human materials handling accidents are eliminated when palletizer systems are employed instead.

However, the increase in production rates to levels of about 20 or more cases per minute necessitated the use of automatic stacking means. The first automatic palletizer was designed and built by Lamson Corp in 1948.

Lamson was later bought by ARPAC, a company that now produces both mechanical and robotic palletizing machines.

Robotic palletizers may be altered to work with different types of product units and are excellent for handling fragile or heavy product units.

Even though they can only move one object at a time, they are still dramatically faster than human loaders and can load without becoming fatigued or injured.

Workplace injuries can be extremely expensive, depending on the nature of the injury; palletizers, by precluding the possibility for such injuries, contribute to healthier and therefore more productive workplaces.

Cases have been stacked by hand since the advent of the first production lines.

Palletizers’ automation is the key factor in their contribution to operational efficiency and safety.

A properly chosen, installed and maintained palletizer can spark a dramatic increase in productivity.

Also, a lower number of employee injuries reduces workplace health coverage costs.


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