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His friend Chris just wants Jesse to keep an eye on him to make sure nothing embarrassing happens.Jesse sits off to the side to let the Psychiatrist play with Chris, but eavesdropping becomes a little too tempting...

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Dee Dee’s discovery of Behavioural Impulse Modification by Brainwave Optimization is a breakthrough in neurology and psychological research.

So why does she feel so unsettled by the way everyone at the institute where she works is behaving?

In a world filled with mystical forces, the Realm’s greatest Champion is a valuable asset that many are eager to acquire.

Amy, the manager at a 5 Star Hotel also has a unique skill. However, it is a skill she swore she would not use. Eei and Gee, are perfectly happy as a trio with their sister Cei, Cei, however, wants to expand to a quartet with Be, but Eei and Gee find Be’s tone leaves them both flat.

His love life so far has been non-existant, but his latest invention may turn things around. She is nothing but a lusting, obedient, mindless slave.

When his attention is elsewhere, though—or when he sleeps—she can begin to understand that she is being prepared for something against her will, and she can plan her escape.

A deeply hypnotized birthday boy becomes the focal point of a journey into excitement.

For one night only, Timothy will hold the hearts, the bodies, and the attention of Miami Beach. Katelyn, a young and beautiful head of a successful company, has finally achieved recognition for her accomplishments.

But what is the true motivation of the group behind her nomination for Woman CEO of the Year?


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