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I could not believe such a fat pig could control my mom like that. I still expect to be able to fuck my whore every week.

As I entered the house quietly, I planned to scare the shit out of her, but she was not in the kitchen or the living room.

I went upstairs to throw my stuff in my old room, which looks exactly the same as did in my high school days.

I called a couple of my buddies and we spent the night catching up, watching sports and checking out the ladies.

I drove home and my mom was already in bed sleeping, so I quietly went to my room and jacked off with the image of my naked mother on her hands and kneesa complete submissive slutfor me.

And for me, this is the story of how I turned my mother into my personal sex toy.

So if such a taboo offends you, please stop reading now; on the other hand, if your cock is erect or your pussy wet just thinking of your motherwell read on.

I can make sure I dont have court on Thursdays in the afternoon and we can meet here at our usual time.

He grabbed her head and shoved his cock back in her mouth and said as he face fucked her, Good plan slut.

Instead I watched as my moms moans echoed the room as he furiously fucked her from behind.

The guy, who I vaguely recalled was named Eddie, pulled out of my mom and said, Bitch, beg for my cock.

It only took a couple of minutes before he grunted and I assumed sprayed his juice down my mothers throat.


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