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Eleanor Langston, beauty writer—like me, she's photographed frequently for work and is constantly surrounded by beauty-obsessed people. She also has unfairly perfect hair, but let's not get hung up on that for now. "If I have to leave the house quickly, it's the one thing I do that makes a big difference."2. "It's sad, but some outfits (billowy tops, tunics) that look fab in real life often photograph oddly because you don't get the proportion of your skinny legs.

For special events when you know there will be lots of Instagramming, either wear a slimmer-fitting top that hugs your silhouette OR throw on a tailored blazer on top of your loose top to give you a more streamlined shape."3. "Everyone in America has gotten the memo that the 'chicken arm' (the cheerleader, hand-on-hip pose) will make your arms look more toned, but they often miss a key point: You have to put one arm on your hip but then angle it BACK (not straight out), so that your elbow is facing behind you instead of perpendicular to your body.

Having just renewed two government-issued IDs, I have been harshly reminded of what NOT to do when being photographed: stare straight-on at the camera, do a weird half-smile.

As a beauty blogger, I've mastered looking cute in selfies, but as evidenced on my license and passport, when I don't dig into my bag of photo-posing tricks, I look... "Darkening them by one shade with a pencil, wax, or powder will frame your face and balance out your makeup," Eleanor says.

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I also cock one hip AWAY from the camera because whatever is closest to the camera always seems bigger."Monica Widmann, product development manager—Monica is the sister of my camera-obsessed sister-in-law, has a boyfriend who's into photography, and happens to be half Asian, which may involve a dominant photo-posing gene (according to my sister-in-law).

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