dating service japan - Msexchange adaccess when updating security for a remote procedure call

KHI: The Test-ECPConnectivity (Internal) diagnostic cmdlet failed to run.

KHI: Initialization of outbound authentication failed with the specified error for the Send connector.

KHI: A lost flush on the active database copy was detected by the passive database copy on the local server. KHI: HTTP Service Request Queues: Rejection Rate Red10 KHI: UM Connectivity (Local Voice) transaction failure – Microsoft Exchange Unified Messaging service isn’t installed or running.

Collect: Hub Transport: MSExchange Transport DSN: Delay DSNs. KHI: The database copy is very low on log volume space. Collect: EAS Requests Queued KHI: HTTP Service Request Queues: Current Queue Size Yellow10 Non Service Impacting: Exchange Control Panel connectivity (External) transaction failure – Test-ECPConnectivity must be run on an Exchange server.

KHI: UMWorker Process Rejected Calls % over the last 1 hour – Red ( 5).

KHI: The service could not be initialized because the necessary entry point could not be found.

KHI: MSExchange FDS: OAB: Download Tasks Queued – sustained for 10 hours – Red (10). KHI: The Outlook Web App proxy failed because it couldn’t find a trusted certificate for SSL encryption. Ex Search) Collect: Mounted database copy writes latencies. Collect: POP3 Connections Rate Collect: MSExchange Transport SMTP Send: Messages sent per second Collect: Hub Transport: MSExchange Content Filter Agent: Messages Scanned (Report Collection). Collect: MSExchange Availability Service: Average time to process a free-busy request Collect: Client Reported Failures – Timeout Failures Collect: MSExchange UMSubscriber Access: Subscriber Logons Collect: MSExchange Database: Log record stalls per second Collect: MSExchange ADAccess processes: LDAP read time (w3wp Auto Disc _Total) KHI: Couldn’t initialize the Content Filter agent because a required file couldn’t be found on your system.

Collect: Process: ID Process (w3wp#9) KHI: The database copy is low on log volume space. KHI: Mailbox: Approaching too may client logons on Mailbox Red54000 KHI: The Exchange Transport service is rejecting message submissions due to memory consumption higher than the configured threshold.

KHI: MSExchange FDS: OAB: Download Tasks Completed – sustained for 24 hours – Red (= 0).Collect: MSExchange OWA: IM – Sent Message Delivery Failure percentage KHI: Querying taking too long: Exchange Search Slow First Batch is over 10.KHI: The Exchange store has detected a database level RPC request timeout.Collect: MSExchange Assistants – Events in Queue Collect: Edge Transport: MSExchange Sender ID: Messages Validated with a Temp Error Result (Report Collection). Collect: MSExchange UMAuto Attendant: Directory Accessed KHI: The database disk is full.KHI: The Microsoft Exchange Replication service is consuming excessive memory. Deleting log files is not recommended and could stop the database from starting. NET Applications: Requests in application queue KHI: The Microsoft Exchange RPC Client Access service (MSExchange RPC) isn’t running. Collect: Process: ID process (w3wp#1) KHI: Outlook Web App failed to initialize.Collect: MSExchange OWA: IM – Average Sign-In Time Collect: Edge Transport: MSExchange Sender Id: Messages Validated with a Neutral Result (Report Collection).


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