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We believe this was a result of the ambient air where he lived.” In June, California officials lowered the long-term exposure level for benzene from 20 ppb to 1 ppb — among the lowest in the country — setting the stage for further emissions cuts at refineries and bulk-oil terminals in that state.Officials say such regulatory actions aim to protect children, who are more susceptible to benzene’s toxic effects than adults because their cells aren’t as developed.

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“My cousin had respiratory problems while living near a refinery for more than 10 years,” a woman from Houston wrote, also in Spanish.

“Unfortunately, he died 2 years ago from bone cancer.

A lawsuit filed by his parents in 2011 against Southeast Terminals owners BP and Trans Montaigne is among a relatively few alleging leukemia caused by environmental benzene exposure.

Among these, the Mc Elheney case is rarer still: Most have hinged on adult leukemia.

“It was one of those light-bulb moments for us,” said Jeff Mc Elheney, Jarrett’s father.

“You never get over it.” New battlefront for industry Jarrett Mc Elheney does not represent the standard benzene plaintiff.

Production outages will likely occur.” The EPA also heard from the people the rule is designed to protect.

“We live near a refinery, and as a result my son can’t breathe,” a woman from Fontana, California, wrote in Spanish.

Days later, Jarrett’s doctor penned a letter to federal environmental regulators about the two cancer patients, highlighting their “close proximity” to Southeast Terminals, a group of 10,000-gallon tanks containing gasoline, diesel and fuel oil.

“Could you please investigate,” the doctor wrote, “whether high levels of chemicals could have contaminated the water, possibly contributing … ” Only then did the Mc Elheneys consider the possibility that living beside one of the nation’s 1,500 bulk-oil terminals — known sources of cancer-causing benzene — had triggered their son’s leukemia.

“A number of publications in the last few years have attempted to link increased risks of childhood leukemia with proximity to both petroleum facilities and local traffic density,” another 2000 API memo warns.

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