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(a) Every employer or person exercising direction or control over a minor or minors under 18 years of age in public performances shall be responsible for complying with the Child Labor Law (43 P. (c) Special performance permits shall be issued only when in the judgement of the Bureau there is adequate provision for the educational instruction, supervision, safety, health and welfare of the minor and for the safeguarding for the minor of the earnings derived by the minor from his performances, and only when the requirements of this subchapter have been met.

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Reference should be made to Chapter 43 (relating to tunnel construction and compressed air work).

(4) Protection from fire and panic in operation of motion picture projectors. (10) Tunnel construction and work in compressed air.

Any person who violates any of the provisions of this subchapter or who interferes with the Department or its duly authorized representative in the enforcement of such provisions may be deemed guilty of a misdeameanor and may, upon conviction, be punished by fine or imprisonment, or both.

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EMPLOYMENT OF MINORS IN PERFORMANCES … 11.1 B. (10) The hours at which the minor reports for performances.

(c) The application shall set forth for all performances, accurate information regarding all of the following: (1) The legal and professional name of the minor. (3) The name and permanent address of the parent or guardian and the name of the parent or representative of the parent who will accompany the minor to rehearsals and performances. (9) Whether the minor is to be paid for performing, whether there is remuneration other than financial, and whether he is to be paid by the week or the performance.

(b) The application shall be notarized and contain a statement that the facts as set forth in the application are true and correct. (6) The dates of performances and the number of performances per day and per week as well as the length of time the minor is actually performing. (8) The maximum combined rehearsal and performance time per day and per week.

This paragraph shall not necessarily apply to performances with trained seals.

(iv) Working with partners hand to hand or head to head. (vi) Assisting performers in an animal act, conducting an animal into a ring or on stage, or riding an animal when the animal exceeds half the weight of the child performer.

(2) Every minor under 16 years of age when the rehearsals or performances are located in the permanent place of residence of the minor and if they terminate after 6 p.m.

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