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Developed by two Big Timber ranchers, the "Hatch" product is now gaining traction on social media.

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It further narrows the ages of the bones for Individual One: 2-5 years of age, Indi... Rand Paul sparked the shutdown after blocking repeated attempts by GOP leaders to speed up a vote on the stopgap funding bill, which is attached to a huge bipartisan budget agreement.

The station spoke with a family who say their five dogs had almost instantaneous reactions to eating a can of Evanger’s pet food they later learned was contaminated with pentobarbital, a lethal drug, most commonly used to euthanize dogs, cats and some horses. A new scam is rearing it's ugly head and this time it has to do with your North Western Energy bill.

who's been working with the team since 2007 and was promoted to head coach in 2015.

Speed Skating Canada has not provided a reason for the investigation.

According to Sheriff Leo Dutton, deputies were called to a home on Valley View Drive in East Helena around 8 p.m.

The caller said a man had pointed a gun at a woman and was riding around the property on a four-wheeler.When deputies arrived the man, identified as 21-year-old Stryker Navarre Miller, took off on foot. A Butte resident who coaches the Canadian speed skating team hasn't been allowed to attend the Winter Olympics due to an investigation into his conduct.According to the Montana Standard, Speed Skating Canada is investigating Michael Crowe, 64.Several calls have been reported to the Cascade County Sheriff's Office, in which someone claims to be from North Western Energy.This week, Missoula drivers spotted a bear out of hibernation and chowing down on roadkill on the side of Interstate 90 outside Missoula.He found the driver holding a "large knife" to his throat. The publisher of a notorious neo-Nazi website has until next week to notify a federal magistrate of his whereabouts as part of a lawsuit accusing him of using the website to orchestrate an anti-Semitic trolling campaign.


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  4. Brooks: “Sometimes common sense is the least common of the senses when people are in a state of attraction.

  5. It is about 100 miles (160 km) long from Cairo to the Mediterranean, with a coastline stretching some 150 miles (240 km) from Alexandria to Port Said.

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