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And they can also serve as a salve to soothe that breaking heart, or be a companion to you on those lonely nights.

However, the loneliness catches up and you’ll find yourself belting out this song.

[Read: 3 stages to embrace and overcome loneliness] Being apart from someone you love is so hard that you probably wouldn’t even wish it on your worst enemy.

So this song makes you sad, but in the end, also a little bit more hopeful about how things can still be better.

[Read: Really depressing songs to make you cry and heal you] #4 Wish You Were Here -Avril Lavigne.

Whether you’ve broken up or just gone separate ways because of a LDR, the pain is quite similar to missing someone so much that everything’s just not the same.

[Read: Perfect songs for long distance relationships] #7 I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing -Aerosmith.

[Read: How does it really feel when you miss someone? All because you’re so lonely and you just don’t know how you’ll go on without the person you love. Sometimes, life forces you to go to directions you can’t help but go, and that can mean you have to be apart from the person you love.

Time seems to take a longer course, and you count the days that feel like years until you see each other again.

It could be you are missing someone, or you miss the way things were.

After all, this song is based on a girl’s passing from a car accident.

When you miss someone so badly and everything reminds you of them.


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