Stereotypes dating british men

All right, he does do the shoulder shaking thing and he is a bit of a sabelotodo, and he does eat anything ..etc, but hes brilliant round the house, helping out, he cooks really well and would rather be home with us than anywhere else.

in my view this is what keeps me interested because i know he wants me all to himself but he feels confident enough to trust in me, he doesnt know where any of the cleaning products are in our house but he does have an attempt at times.... As a British Man living with a British Woman how can I make any observations about Spanish / British relationships ?

done badly ( not sure if on purpose) but he tries:) he always cooks me amazing food and loves to cook for me when im tired or having a bad day . And you will need to elaborate on the whole 'Whimps' and 'Smiles' point.

Spanish men will cook, but only as long as it is a barbeque or a Paella (must be something about the outdoors ? After around 30 years of marriage a Spanish Husband 'might' agree that his wife cooks almost as good as his Mother. Spanish men will rarely help around the house and not even know what an iron is, or where it is kept, but often have a spotless car. - With a Spanish guy friends always come first, so a girl needs to be ready for constant late arrivals due to their boyfriend was having a drink, or two and then moving on to another bar and losing track of time ....

Although they are sometimes considerate enough to bring you churros for breakfast at 8am in the morning on their way home. - If they ever bring their girlfriend flowers they usually either have one thing on their mind or they feel guilty about something (then again, in my experience that is often the case with men the world over !

he is very attentive but has the tendancy not to listen very well and likes alot of time with his male friends going surfing etc. I for one never smile, so that rules me out of your sweeping stereotype.

Carry, I think you're confusing Brits and Americans... My husband is nothing like my stereotypical portrayal!Maybe my husband is the exception that proves the rule? Its hard to imagine such a fragmented Britain and I can see both sides of the argument. I agree with you Mo, I just feel agreived that England is the ONLY country in the UK NOT to have it's own parliament - Scoland and Ireland have theirs, Wales has their assembly, even the Isle of Man has their own - but nothing for England !Well, whatever...he's mine, and that's all that matters! It's been more than a couple of hundred years since the English Parliament ran us, and we Americans still occasionally blame our failings on the Brits. #Two Countries Divided By ACommon Language Fair point. As for the Scots, if we were independent the danger would be that wed have nobody to blame our failings on! - The Houses of Parliament is a UK Parliament, but the English are seemingly not allowed the same representation ? But look out, give us a few years and Ill be having, not a Burns Night, but an Independence Party!!!Though I could also gripe rather a lot about my own lot, the Scots too! As NHS says, I think its a generational thing rather than a national thing.To be honest, as I wrote the post on the Spanish male I kept thinking "but my husbands not like this". In general Ive found men to be helpful and understanding towards their partners and I put it down to the fact that women are now educated and go out to work.As a matter of interest, I wonder what your thoughts are on Mo's Blog (link in above article) where she offers her opinion on the same issue, from a different perspective ? I cook, and far from Paella and Ive been cooking all my life and I cook, being pretty sure, better than the 95% of the english men..women, because Ive seen no one cooking here, just going to pret a manger or the typical fast food place. Im engineer, got 3 degrees and Im finishing my phd, I work in a multinational company in an executive position in sound unresponsible? Moving to Nevarra in September and doing my research. my partner is a spanish male and i am a (scottish lassie) :) i have been with my spanish man for 2 years now and i think there is a diffrence between them and british men.

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