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It is announced by high priest Amun he has "risen from the dead", turning the boy-king into a powerful pharaoh.Tutankhamun must use his new power to deal with a deadly plague spreading through his kingdom all while his enemies continue their plot to conquer Egypt.

In the city of Thebes, Pharaoh Akhenaten has been poisoned by his most trusted servant.

His nine year old son, Tutankhamun has to take his place as pharaoh, and so, is thrust into power at an early age.

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However, Ay sees that Tut is buried in a lesser tomb meant for one who will never be known, thus remaining undiscovered for over 3,000 years.

Brian Lowery of Variety writes, "King Tutankhamun left behind a treasure trove of trinkets, but his nickname is all that's really required to serve as the cornerstone for Tut, the miniseries that unearths the Boy King in order to turn his short life into historical melodrama.Such event series have also been recently popular among other networks, such as History.Tut is produced by Muse Entertainment, best known for its other miniseries The Kennedys and The Pillars of the Earth. C., Egypt is the most powerful nation in the world, but it is plagued by internal strife.With the love of his life dead by his own sister and infection setting in, Tut's homecoming is filled with sadness.On his deathbed, Tut makes amends with Ay and Ankhesenamun, who both reassure him he will be remembered for all eternity as a powerful ruler._ Artworks: Elizabet Cerviño, ‘Oración' (On the right) (2018), graphite engraved, 59 plates, 10x17x0,4 cm each and ‘Altar' (On the left)(2018), 108 engraved alabaster plates, 80x105x120 cm, Galleria Continua, San Gimignano, Italy, 2018.


  1. Remains of these birds have been found at other Israelite Iron Age sites, when the rooster was used as a fighting bird; they are also pictured on other seals from the period as a symbol of ferocity, such as the late-7th-century BC red jasper seal inscribed "Jehoahaz, son of the king", In some regional variations, the birds are equipped with either metal spurs (called gaffs) or knives, tied to the leg in the area where the bird's natural spur has been partially removed.

  2. When the artists’ contract terminated, their respective Entertainment partners ended their activities with YG Entertainment as well.

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