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Lot of women/men signup for free online dating sites to boost their ego Let me put my 2 cents in. You answer a bunch of questions so you get a good read on what the person's personality is like. You can fine tune your filter to get results based on the exact criteria you're looking for. When you're a free site with millions of members, it's a cluster FACT. When nothing else has worked, let's leave it to a computer to find you matches, because a computer does not discriminate against your Shrek-like features.I have not tried online dating, but many of my friends have. Based on my experience, what's been said about Po F is largely true.

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Also, the pressure that guys put on girls is a bit much.

I understand it's important to get a girl to meet up within the first week or whatever the 'rule' is, but being asked to meet up with strangers that I've only talked to for about 5 minutes over and over and get made out to be a prude or essentially be called a wuss if I'm hesitant is just annoying af.

Would you go on dating website to try to find love ?

My coworkers are teasing me to do that because I'm single, but I told them I don't feel comfortable using online dating website... I've used tinder to meet people before, I wasn't looking for a boyfriend though.

You will not have to try at all, can get away posting 2 sentences in your profile, but you'll have to endure perverted messages and filter out the weirdos (most of them).

If you're not good-looking, then good luck to you, but you are the bain of every guy's online-dating experience.

I do have a friend who met somebody on the same site and he was good to her.

They did break up only because she felt bored and he was okay with it.

Guys will avoid you, and it may be even more difficult for you than the below-average guy.

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