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I felt proud that I could answer her question with something substantive.

They told me to do things like sit quietly at home, alone, and allow myself to feel the pain rather than continuing to avoid it by going out.

I needed to invite it in for as long as it took to heal.

In time, I realized that ignoring my feelings had just kept the pain alive.

My mantra became "Don't think, feel." To my surprise, and great relief, after several months my spirits began to rise.

It doesn't matter whether you are male or a female, a boy or a girl, heart breaks are tormenting and disturbing too!

Youngsters who get into the habit of online dating think it to be complete fun initially, but it is only after you feel the heat of a potential break that jostles your mind to think twice.

The sage counsel I sorely needed came from my best friends — men who loved me, didn't judge me and supported my need to rebuild my heart and spirit.

I shared my feelings about the breakup openly and honestly, and asked how they had managed their own heartbreaks.

In one case, I double-dated with a friend and his partner, who had fixed me up with an attractive woman who had clearly spent time on her outfit, hair and makeup.

I didn't even see that she was a knockout because I was blind to everything except my own pain.

When I felt ready to date, I met a savvy woman who asked me a defining first-date question: "What did you learn from your last relationship?


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