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In one case, I double-dated with a friend and his partner, who had fixed me up with an attractive woman who had clearly spent time on her outfit, hair and makeup.

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I felt proud that I could answer her question with something substantive.

Most men I knew didn't take time between relationships.

While my date was moving forward, I was stuck in reverse.

When she engaged me in conversation, I mumbled one-word answers.

The heartbreaks are result of handiwork of handful of obnoxious minds.

Heartbreaks also occur in real life, but at online dating websites, the heart breaks have no genuine reasons.

The sage counsel I sorely needed came from my best friends — men who loved me, didn't judge me and supported my need to rebuild my heart and spirit.

I shared my feelings about the breakup openly and honestly, and asked how they had managed their own heartbreaks.

But I was still addicted to the notion that the only way to make myself feel better was to find someone new.


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