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The Update-Module cmdlet installs a newer version of a Windows Power Shell module that was installed from the online gallery by running Install-Module on the local computer.

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Also make sure that your online store is properly functioning and there are no errors.

This article describes several procedures to update firmware to a LL-RLP-20 or LL-RXR-27 module.

If the existing My Dsc Module is already the newest version, nothing happens.

If Update-Module cannot find a module named My Dsc Module in $env: PSModule Path, an error occurs.

Note that it is again extremely important to backup your Magento online store before applying the upgrade.

From the Actions drop-down menu you will be able to select the desired upgrade version.Once the modules sends this response, the firmware has been validated and loaded, and you should send the r character to reboot the module into the new firmware.This is interactive and will give you a listing of all the modules that need to be updated for a given site.This method assumes the module can interface to a computer via a USB-to-UART bridge.For example, the LL-RLP-20/RXR-27 evaluation board includes a Silicon Labs CP2104 USB-to-UART bridge.You can update an existing, installed module by specifying the name of the module; Update-Module searches $env: PSModule Path for the module that you want to update.

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