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All information is required in order to process your payment.

We use Payment Service Network (PSN) to process our payments.

PSN has been certified as maintaining the highlest level required by the credit card industry.

Members buy credits worth $1 apiece, and spend it on whatever they're looking for within the site's rules, which mainly prohibit exchanging personal info and meeting in person.

The lack of physical interaction, coupled with a cash transaction, would seem to perpetuate the most shallow, short-lived exchanges possible.

we've heard of them helping pay for things from tuition to speeding tickets." He says the site is not only a unique type of social network, but it exists because they are "very serious about empowering young women as autonomous economic agents.

People can go there and interact with real people, not porn starlets acting, but real girls being themselves." By and large the site is full of down-to-earth women.

Money changes hands on the site for any of a number of reasons, even for something as innocent as a guy helping a woman pay her rent that month.

My Girl Fund is host to roughly 8,200 women from all sorts of backgrounds and sees 15,000 new male members signing up each month to chat and spend money.

The first time you will register; after that, viewing your bill is a simple process. You will need to register to select the paperless option.


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