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Ter Steege was to play a beautiful and acerbic Polish-Jewish woman who helps her young nephew Maciek escape the Nazis by pretending to be Catholic. He had seen her films several times and was in deadly earnest about casting her.

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Ter Steege had deliberately taken a seat with her back to the windows. The second thing he said was: 'Can you take another chair?

"I thought, when he comes in, my face will be in the shadows. ' He put me in the light." Kubrick filmed her with different lenses as he asked her questions about her childhood and earlier youth.

The Wilson sisters have scoured the Kubrick archives for stills and information about the movie, poring over wardrobe research stills and period stills.

As Jan Harlan reveals, Kubrick had been trying to make a Holocaust-themed drama for more than 20 years.

When Harlan approached the novelist Isaac Bashevis Singer on Kubrick's behalf to ask him to write an original, Holocaust-themed screenplay in the 1980s, Singer responded: "I don't know the first thing about it." What Singer inferred was that an outsider couldn't begin to do justice to the Holocaust.

This was certainly a subject too challenging for a film-maker – even one as brilliant as Kubrick – to have any chance of interpreting in a meaningful way in a dramatic movie.The director was in great earnest about making the film.Although he was famously reclusive, Kubrick was prepared to leave England to shoot in Eastern Europe.First of all, it's not true and I always say that I am as good as my director.If you tell me I am the best actress you know, you give me a huge responsibility which I can't bear.'" In hindsight, she thinks that Kubrick was testing her.Chastened by Singer's remark, Kubrick continued to do a huge amount of research.

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