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According to Marshall Berman (1982, 16–17), modernity is periodized into three conventional phases (dubbed "Early," "Classical," and "Late," respectively, by Peter Osborne (1992, 25)): In the second phase Berman draws upon the growth of modern technologies such as the newspaper, telegraph and other forms of mass media.

There was a great shift into modernization in the name of industrial capitalism.

Both these principles are enshrined within the constitutions of most modern democracies.

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In the 6th century AD, Cassiodorus appears to have been the first writer to use "modern" (modernus) regularly to refer to his own age (O'Donnell 1979, 235 n9).

However, the word entered general usage only in the 17th-century quarrel of the Ancients and the Moderns—debating: "Is Modern culture superior to Classical (Græco–Roman) culture?

Finally in the third phase, modernist arts and individual creativity marked the beginning of a new modernist age as it combats oppressive politics, economics as well as other social forces including mass media (Laughey 2007, 30).

believe that modernity ended in the mid- or late 20th century and thus have defined a period subsequent to modernity, namely Postmodernity (1930s/1950s/1990s–present).

If you watched last night's game it has become pretty evident that the team is hitting rock bottom.

With the score 3-0 in the 2nd period we put out this poll on Twitter and have received over 400 responses so far, and it's gone how you probably expect...I say Purgatory because the Blackhawks still have hope for a better future but they are also stuck where they are for the present.The team is not going to get considerably better next season because they cannot mo...In this sense, it refers to a particular relationship to time, one characterized by intense historical discontinuity or rupture, openness to the novelty of the future, and a heightened sensitivity to what is unique about the present (Kompridis 2006, 32–59).As an analytical concept and normative ideal, modernity is closely linked to the ethos of philosophical and aesthetic modernism; political and intellectual currents that intersect with the Enlightenment; and subsequent developments as diverse as Marxism, existentialism, modern art and the formal establishment of social science.After signing Yu Darvish on Saturday, the Chicago Cubs have very limited 'needs' as we approach the beginning of Spring Training 2018.

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