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Umbles, from Middle English, comes from Old French nombles meaning loin. In the 18th and 19th century mercury was used in felting – and hat making; the madness of hat makers was the result of mercury poisoning.

In ancient times, urine was used in tanneries to soak the animal hides.

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A figurative saying to illustrate that someone is smothered in pleasantries.

Popular understanding is that in a lynching someone would kick the bucket away from under the person about to be hanged.

Much Cockney Rhyming slang leaves out the word that actually rhymes to confuse the uninitiated.

This goes back to ‘butcher’s hook’, which rhymes with ‘look’.

However, a 1570 English dictionary records the word ‘bucket’ as a synonym for ‘beam’ - animals for slaughter would be hung upside down from such a beam and would kick the bucket (or beam) in their struggle during slaughter.

The ‘tempest’ in a teacup or teapot is an image used in Roman philosopher Cicero’s De Legibus in approximately 100 BC. In 1886 PM Robert Gascoyne-Cecil (Lord Salisbury) surprisingly made Arthur Balfour Chief Secretary of Ireland; Balfour was ‘Bob’s’ nephew.In Othello Act 1 Scene 1, 64 Iago says “But I will wear my heart upon my sleeve…” meaning he would be exposed.Shakespeare used this weakened form ‘Dickens’ for ‘devil’ or ‘devilkin’ in The Merry Wives of Windsor ‘I cannot tell what the Dickens his name is’ Act 3 Scene 2.The longevity of donkeys and the length of their ears.As so often in rhyming slang, the actual rhyming word, Mickey ‘Bliss’ is left out.Franz Andres Morrissey, Lecturer in Linguistics and Creative Writing, University of Bern, said that the “everyday English is incredibly rich in imaginative language”.

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