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"A guy who sits around and plays video games and smokes pot." PHOTO: Celebrity pot smokers Still, Van Camp says she believes "every young woman needs to have one boyfriend who disappoints her, who really breaks her heart" in order to know what true love is.

PHOTOS: More costars who fell in love The Canadian actress — whose exes include Joseph Morgan, 30 — says women are drawn to men with the potential to become great fathers, "whether they're immediately wanting to be a parent or not.

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Among the plot twists planned for the other pairs: Kevin (Matthew Rhys) finally commits to Scotty (Luke Mac Farlane), the relationship between Nora (Sally Field) and the austere Isaac (Danny Glover) deepens, and Kitty’s (Calista Flockhart) desire for a baby takes on new meaning when Robert’s (Rob Lowe) political future hits a critical juncture. ”Rebecca’s mom has done serious damage and created a lot of waves within the Walker family.

Berlanti’s also promising a shocker for the May 11 finale, though he swears he’ll stay true to the drama’s primary goal. It’s just one more lie for Holly to deal with that would really affect everybody.” Annable casts her a reassuring glance.

I'm generally very aware of what's going on around me, and I really don't know where they hide.

Following Everwood's cancellation and the end of her relationship with Chris Pratt, Emily signed on to play Rebecca in Brothers & Sisters in 2007.

It's important to me that a man is good at taking care of people." Though she's often photographed holding hands and going on dates with Bowman, 24, Van Camp still isn't used to dating in the public eye.

VIDEO: Josh Bowman strips down for a Revenge shower scene "It's so great to have all this stuff happen to you," she tells .

”My mom started to send me links to gossip about Justin-Rebecca, Justin-Rebecca.

I was like, ‘Wow, this is starting to be a bigger thing.”’ But hardly a stretch for the actors, who continue to dodge rumors of an ongoing romance (they admit to dating briefly but insist they’re now just friends).

For Annable, 28, and Van Camp, 21, the twist can’t come soon enough.


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