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They talk past dinner and through movie night, which Beca is grateful for and not just because she gets out of watching a movie.

Blue October.." Beca groans, "But there's so many others too… There's just too many great bands to have a top five.""Singers? and I don't think I've heard of Kacey."Chloe giggles, "She sings Follow Your Arrow!

I've sung it in the car like a hundred times."Beca raises a brow."Come on you know." Chloe nudges her, "Do I have to sing it? She knows very well what song Chloe's talking about, the girl sings it in the car enough times that the sound is ingrained in Beca's head, she just wants to hear the redhead sing.

Chloe nods, "Speaking of which we have to come up with a day."Beca looks around for her leather jacket. ""My jacket." Beca digs through the clothes."Becs it's a million degrees out today. She feels gentle hands on her shoulders and she looks up to meet blue eyes."You left it in my room." Chloe says softly. There's not a huge array of books but there are neatly places books and a very nice couch.

There's not a single television, not one that Beca can see.

She didn't want it to sound so horrible."Right." Chloe says softly. Whatever…"Chloe looks at Beca, "It's okay, it's important to you."Beca nods."Ready? Beca grins, "Whatever you say Beale."What Beca didn't notice about Aubrey's house before, she notices it now. well Beca's not sure how to put it exactly, there's not a lot of photos and home like things.

Beca turns around, offering dodging glances, "Look… " She shakes her head and grabs her sunglasses off the bed, "I'm totally still down for that date I asked you for." That's only half a lie. let me find it real quick." She starts tossing clothes onto the bed, eventually turning around in circles to find it. There's not a bunch of fancy electronics either, it's minimal.

The baby horse in the wild herd is a foal and therefore not suitable for riding. Dude that's so much and I've got college coming up. As for the length of this, I'm thinking around 12/15 chapters? The five have been kicked out as Monty, Chloe, and Casey talk. Chloe smiles more, "Yes, yes she did."Aubrey furrows her brow, "What did she do?

She tries to listen to the conversation going on but she just can't. "Chloe just smiles wider, "Beca finally asked me out! However it floods her brain over and over and she's doing her best to ignore it.

She watches as Monty sits down and Beca follows suit, sitting across from him."Thank-you." Monty says simply. ""Thank-you for doing this." Monty says, "For not letting Chloe go through this alone anymore."Beca scoffs, trying not to rolls her eyes, "Yeah whatever. "Yeah…"Chloe giggles, "You're pretty great you know that? But there's something in her voice that makes her heart pound."Do you have a swimsuit or do we have to go shopping? But it's not any of those reasons that causes Beca to say yes.


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