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Monty makes a joke about how they had to continue the 'C's in the names.

However one thing that isn't normal about that day, is Beca's inability to sleep.

Her head is pounding and it's because she's thinking about Chloe. Days later, Beca grumbles, digging around for her black board shorts, clothes strewn across the floor.

She shuts her eyes tightly and let's out a frustrated sigh. Why the hell did she ask that amazing and kind and wonderful- Stop. Chloe's wearing her hair up in a ponytail, she's got on a simple blue bikini top and ripped denim shorts. Chloe crouches on the floor and digs through Beca's bag, "What color are they?

Beca does her best to keep her mouth closed and her eyes from wandering in places for far too long. "Beca looks at Chloe's legs because she knows if she looks up she's going to end up flustered again. that's a given considering all the riding Chloe does. ""Black…" Beca turns around to look through the near empty dresser."You know you should really unpack all this stuff."Beca just grumbles, "No.""Why?

"Aubrey shakes her head, "No I have work to do."Stacie sighs, "I should probably go help my dad. "Chloe gestures to the ring, "Challenger's good."Aubrey frowns, "No.""No what? She would walk away every time her mother was brought up." He pauses and Beca watches as he thinks. " Beca says looking at her hands then back at the redhead.

" Chloe asks."You can't go naming the horse Chlo', he's not yours."Chloe crosses her arms, "I can't call him 'it'.""Beca? "Now I know why."Beca shakes her head, scoffing, "That doesn't explain the last two years. Finally got to talk about it all and it feels good. "Nothing."Chloe gives Beca a look, clearly not believing her. "I just want you to be happy." Beca looks back at ground, "No one likes a kicked puppy." She looks back at Chloe."Kicked puppy? Beca sighs, "I don't do swimming.""Because you can't or…?

She watches as Monty sits down and Beca follows suit, sitting across from him."Thank-you." Monty says simply. ""Thank-you for doing this." Monty says, "For not letting Chloe go through this alone anymore."Beca scoffs, trying not to rolls her eyes, "Yeah whatever. "Yeah…"Chloe giggles, "You're pretty great you know that? But there's something in her voice that makes her heart pound."Do you have a swimsuit or do we have to go shopping? But it's not any of those reasons that causes Beca to say yes.

Beca says yes because Chloe tugs on her arm and pouts ever so slightly."Fine." Beca lets out a huff. Chloe is much more like herself, like she was before The Fourth. I've been listening to a lot of Butch Walker lately...""So I take it you don't have a favorite song."Beca shakes her head, "God no." Beca looks at Chloe, "What about you? For bands, Florida Georgia Line, Eli Young Band, Parmalee, Sugarland, and probably Little Big Town."Beca raises a brow, "Is Florida Georgia Line your ringtone and alarm? Cruise is the name of the song.""Okay, what about singers?

She didn't want it to sound so horrible."Right." Chloe says softly. Whatever…"Chloe looks at Beca, "It's okay, it's important to you."Beca nods."Ready? Beca grins, "Whatever you say Beale."What Beca didn't notice about Aubrey's house before, she notices it now. well Beca's not sure how to put it exactly, there's not a lot of photos and home like things.

Beca turns around, offering dodging glances, "Look… " She shakes her head and grabs her sunglasses off the bed, "I'm totally still down for that date I asked you for." That's only half a lie. let me find it real quick." She starts tossing clothes onto the bed, eventually turning around in circles to find it. There's not a bunch of fancy electronics either, it's minimal.

She can't with her mind flooded with a million things. "Beca tries not to cringe because that's what's been on her mind. Aubrey immediately looks to Beca and suddenly Beca feels terrified. "Beca furrows her brow, "Yeah…"Chloe speaks suddenly, "Okay Bree, no best friend talk."Aubrey nods although the look on the blonde's face says something else.


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