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“As fast as we make them, they use them,” said White, founder of ICT S. S., a grassroots organization that combats trafficking and abuse.

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“These people have so much more access to our kids than they used to,” White said. It allows us to do some really great work, but it also allows some really awful things to happen, unfortunately.” White said she has been moved and impressed by the community’s outpouring of support in providing supplies for the fresh start kits.

For her birthday party, a 9-year-old girl asked friends to bring items for the kit and made a game out of putting the kits together.

The bags are piled in Jennifer White’s office, waiting for her or a group of volunteers to fill them.

The “fresh start” bags will be stuffed with new clothes, gift certificates for food and personal care items for victims of human trafficking or abuse.

Many people think of human trafficking as unsuspecting teens snatched from sidewalks or street corners.

As an example, White cited two girls, ages 15 and 16, who accepted a ride early this month from a stranger who picked them up near 21st and Hydraulic.What they’ve become involved in, “they don’t think that’s a problem.” It’s often a result of the “grooming” of victims by predators, Weible and White said.Via Christi Health employees are taught to watch for a variety of indicators or red flags that suggest a patient may be involved in trafficking.Patient exhibits fear, nervousness and/or avoids eye contact To access Via Christi Health’s training on human trafficking, go to https://You probably know the story of “A Christmas Story” – an Indiana schoolboy named Ralphie Parker dreams of getting a glorious Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas.White used a car wreck analogy to describe her agency’s increasing emphasis on prevention.


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