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Kiesa's fascination with France and the sculptor Camille Claudel helped her get through her divorce and separation from her children.

Cathy has been separated for two years, and at first thought her greatest accomplishment was house maintenance.

Dawn, a school principal, found the maintenance behind owning a home horrifying.

Now Heather-Marie is the creator of My Divorce Shower, a concept that will allow divorce to be ritualized as it is in other cultures around the world.

Mama J was married five and a half years before she found out her husband was having an affair.

Student Mama was married for five and a half years and has a five year-old daughter.

She is in her mid-twenties and close to finishing a bachelor's degree in business.

Heather-Marie was married for seven years shortly after she turned 18.

She was not surprised by the divorce, but she says she wasn't ready for the process.

Page was married for 25 years when she divorced and moved from their small ranch to a mountain town in Colorado where she had spent some of her childhood.

Page has turned her divorce into a new accomplishment: published writing.

Martha built a small farm with her ex over the course of 13 years and when he asked if she wanted to stay when they split, she couldn't imagine leaving.

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