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You are encouraged tojointhe Cisco Career Certification Community, a discussion forum that isopen to anyone who is holding a valid Cisco Career Certification (such as Cisco CCIE . Itprovides a gathering place for Cisco certified professionals to share questions, suggestions, and information about Cisco Career Certification programs and other certification-related topics. Integrating Cisco Unified Communications Applications (CAPPS) v B 0 ©2010 Cisco Systems Inc Cisco Career Certifications: CCNP Voice Expand your professional options and advance your career Professional-level recognition in voice networking Recommended Training Through Cisco Learning Partners Expert knptertmnting Cisco Voice Commmictions and Oo S II i lessional Wptemenffng Cisco Unifiec J Communications Manager.

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The module discusses Cisco Unity Design examples show how and where to place Cisco Unify Connection and Cisco Unity Express.

Afew examples will provide Cisco Unity Express and Cisco Unity Connection sizing and deployment considerations.

Cisco Unity Connection in a Cisco Unified Communications Manager Environment" module Unity Connection is placed as acentralized or decentralized voice-messaging application.

This module provides an overview of the features that are discussed in the "Implementation of Module Objectives Upon completing this module, you will be able to describe voice-mail integration options and requirements.

y ^uiu Cisco Systems Inc y Lesson 1 Voice-Mail Integration Overview Overview This lesson describes integration options and deployment scenarios for Cisco Unity Connection.

Different technologies support Cisco Unity Connection single-site or multisite scenarios in centralized or decentralized deployments.uars * C curse Introduction Cisco Unity Connection in a Cisco Urified Communicaions Implementation of asco Unity Express I h a Cisco Unlled Comm unl catena Voice Protile for Internet Mail M Introduction to Voice Mai Cisco United presence Manager Environment Manager Express Environment fcnpie mentation Implementation (Cont.) (Com.) unc Voice Profllefor Q SCO U nfly Connection in a Cisco Unified Cisco Unity Connectim in a Cisco Unified Com mimical on s Implementation ot Cisco Unity Express In a Cisco Unified Commurtcalons Internet Mail implementation (Cont) Cisco Unified Presence Cisco Unified Presence Communicaions Manager Environment Manager Environment Manager Express Environment Im piomental Ion (Com.) (Cor*) (Cont.) Implementation The schedule reflects the recommended structure for this course.This structure allows enough time for the instructor to present the course information andfor youto work througli the lab activities.These services also offer commands lo check messages over the telephone or from adesktop, through an email inbox or a web browser.Cisco Lmty Connection integrates messaging and voice-recognition components to provide global access to calls and voice messages for as many as 20,000 users per Cisco Unity Running on a Linux-based network appliance platform, Cisco Unity Connection has its own integrated message and data stores.Cisco Unity Connection media streams represent the types of calls that Cisco Unity Connection options.


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