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They understand the importance of balancing life and love.

They're smart enough to find dating sites that work for them.

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And then I met her at a profile writing workshop and I was absolutely convinced that Dale, in fact, knew what whe was talking about.

Not only was she a delight to meet,but everyone left the workshop far more positive and encouraged then when they arrived. I really hate to leave negative reviews, but as a dating coach, and a big advocate of online dating, I have to say that I disagree with just about everything in this book. I took a class with Dale and bought her book immediately.

After she read it, she gave it to me and said, You need this as much as I do. I figured, if I recommend it so highly, I should at least have the courtesy to write a review here, where it might reach many more women who are on the fence about Internet dating.

Philadelphia, PAWhen I saw that the book was written by someone my widowed mother s age, I bought it for her. I have since recommended this book to three women friends, all struggling with the pitfalls and shortcomings of Internet dating, and one who is contemplating whether or not to even jump in with both feet, after the death of her husband three years prior.

If you're a woman, and you're using online dating, I hope you're intelligent enough to utilize the resource of 'The Intelligent Woman's Guide to Online Dating'! What I didn't realize was, men are basically (1) lazy, and(2) afraid of rejection.

No matter, that was their issue, and if it was so important to them, then they weren't the kind of man I wanted anyway.

Her travel, human interest, lifestyle, food and business stories have appeared in newspapers and magazines all over the country, including Redbook, Boston Magazine, The Boston Globe, LA Times, Miami Herald and the Chicago Tribune.

" --Greg Godek, Author of 1001 Ways to be Romantic Dale Koppel, Ph D, holds degrees in education, journalism and psychology.

Why reinvent the wheel when Dale has created a perfect prototype?!

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