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Backstage after the show, however, she saw the real Alcala. "He was kind of a creepy guy," Jed Mills, the bachelor next to Alcala, said in 2010.The couple won tennis lessons and a trip to Magic Mountain, but Bradshaw declined to go on the date. (In another insane twist, Mills would go on to play the fat-free yogurt shop owner on Seinfeld.) "The people [in the audience] were actually snickering and even low-murmuring boos as to his answers," bachelor number three Armand Cerami recalled that year, as well.There were already four bodies to his name when he popped up on national TV, smiling with perfect hair.

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Prosecutors said that Alcala was a cruel killer who toyed with his victims.

He would beat or strangle them until they lost consciousness.

Last month, Alcala, who is currently held at California State Prison, Corcoran, was charged in the 1977 cold case murder of Christine Ruth Thornton.

At the beginning of the Dating Game episode, Lange asks Alcala to say hello so Bradshaw can hear his voice.

After the show, she refused to go out with him, saying he was too “creepy.” Alcala, now 74, sits on death row in California, convicted of seven murders.

His legal cases continue as authorities are actively investigating his connection to unsolved murders. The show speaks to several people involved in the case, many of whom rarely give interviews.

But now donning a sharp, brown suit and butterfly collar, Alcala had other things on his mind: Winning the affection of bachelorette Cheryl Bradshaw.

Watching the clip today, knowing that Bachelor Number One would go on to repeatedly choke his victims to unconsciousness and wait until they came to before killing them, their banter is more terrifying preview than goofy innuendo.

He had already murdered at least two women in Southern California.


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