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Apparently, they got the phone details by scanning the AU white pages using OCR scanning software. You have to get a "silent number" (why silent – its beyond me) which is not published in the white pages and nor is info given out by directory assistance.That means a change of number for you and a monthly fee extra – effectively you pay for something that you dont get – your name in the white pages Well I have a silent number – it has been silent since I moved into the house I am in now (almost 12 years) and it was a fresh number (I am the only person to ever have it).

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So wherever they are getting the database from it is not the white pages. Every complaint we've had about a silent number being listed has always been tracked down to the original source, which so far has always found the white pages at fault. I just chuckled at what happenstance had the pointer pointing to. And what's the nature and source of this website's revenue?

I'm not too impressed about someone making profit off my personal information, public record or not.

There is also the google map displaying my suburb and a note stating this: I can't find any button to see these "accurate details" though. or whatever it was get taken down some time back for something similar?

Seriously unimpressed and will be applying for removal. EDIT: you have got to be kidding – I found the button – I just had to agree to sign in with facebook – and there are all my details – full address and all. Thanks again for this thread as I never would have known. Put a business listing I use in the search field and got a positive hit on it, came up with my surname and suburb as well....... yeah greypages got taken down as well as that DTMS CD getting sued or whatever – it was to do with reverse lookup being illegal here.

I tried my own phone number, and according to the photo I seem to be living in the dumpster out back of the local post office. Don't get me wrong, I like the idea, before ringing a missed call I have looked it up on the internet in the past but to mostly no avail.

I recall several years back when this company was first noted. Now I believe they purchase the phone directories in digital form from ?????Honestly I really don't have an issue with the reverse search as long as it was sourced from legally, publicly available information. But my details were obtained from some other database and I take issue with my data being used like this.I haven't been told the exact database so I can't go check the terms of that business to make sure I didn't agree in the fine print that my details could/would be made publicly available online. And what about people who don't come to websites like this – people have all sorts of reasons why they want to maintain privacy and they'd expect it when they sign up for a silent/unlisted number.My guess (and I'm not expert here) is that by your own information you say it was last found before you went silent so there is probably no law breaking.Besides there is a number of posts above that say how you can get your name off the list just do that and get it removed. But in my case my number has always been silent and has never been in the white pages.Okay, that answers the letter of my question, but ducks its intent. Since it's a foreign concern (no surprises there), what's the intent behind putting up a website that trades in our personal information? Every complaint we've had about a silent number being listed has always been tracked down to the original source, which so far has always found the white pages at fault.


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