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In the last 4 years Aughinish has successfully operated a demonstration cell and carried out an extensive study programme investigating the use of a constructed wetland to treat residue leachate.This programme is sponsored by RUSAL and the International Aluminium Association.

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The company produces a wide range of silicon and manganese ferroalloys, cored wires and by-products from the ferroalloys production. The plant manufactures and deals with diesel engines, spare parts and cooperations.

OFZ Novokuznetsk is the manufacturing plant of cored wires for steel industry which was acquired by OFZ, a.s. The main focus is currently placed on the production of Ca Si cored wire and welding wires. was founded in 1997 as a successor to "Závod Motory ZETOR".

National steel companies increase output of products with high added value, try to achieve market differentiation and make special offers.

The national steel industry successfully competes in the global market meeting the highest international standards.

Ferrous and non-ferrous products trading and stocking Equipment and technologies for steel industries Equipment and technologies for mining industries Handling equipment Raw materials for the steel industry (iron ores, ferroalloys, non-ferrous ores, coke etc.) Ferrous and non-ferrous scrap collecting and recycling Transportation and logistics, stocking in steel industry and metal and steel trading Steel service centers in the steel industry and metal and steel trading Sheet metal and long products processing: cutting, roll-forming, bending and welding Equipment and technologies for steel service centers Welding materials, equipment and technologies Refractory materials, technical ceramics for the steel industry and foundry Fundamental and applicable scientific research in the ferrous and non-ferrous industries as well as nanotechnologies Unions, mass media, IT technologies, online-trading, automation of industrial and business processes for the steel industry and metalworking Finances, investments, insurance, leasing, ecology, labor protection and safety in the steel industry Steel long products and flats, round tubes and hollow sections for the construction industry Steel products and structures of sheets and plates Easily assembling building based on steel structures Aluminium rolled products, profiles and structures for constructions Equipment and technologies for steel structures manufacture and set up Wire mesh products: wires, steel ropes, netting, fasteners, electrodes etc.

OFZ is the diversified manufacturer of ferroalloys in Central Europe with history dating back to 1952.

Almost all the buildings rest on ferro-concrete foundations, we drive cars, take trains and planes, even use aluminium foil to keep food fresh.

Metal-Expo provides a perfect opportunity to know the latest achievements of the industry for it is attended by the leading ferrous and non-ferrous producers, as well as heavy-engineering and metalworking companies from many world countries.

Many conferences, seminars and roundtables will be held during the exhibition.

Metal Craft Festival with the participation of the most skillful artists from many Russian regions will become one the highlights of the event.

Ferrous industry: manufacture and products of the ferrous industry (billets, long products, flats, tubes and pipes) Non-ferrous industry: manufacture and products of the non-ferrous industry (raw materials, secondary metals, semi-finished products, rolled products, and profiles) Special steels and alloys: manufacture and products (long products, flats and tubes) High added value products for construction: coated sheets, bent shapes, steel structures etc.

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