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Trunk Space: When you arrive on set and hit the ground running, is the script itself still being massaged throughout the production process?Walker: Being massaged throughout the process, every day.

I think something that really helped on “Love Struck Café” was, Sarah and I had been introduced through a friend.

She was working on a show called “Brothers & Sisters” and a girlfriend of my wife and mine worked on that show as well.

But yeah, we had the ability to change it up and add things that we felt necessary, where we felt necessary. We deal with so many issues nowadays, between religion, politics, and environment, I think that it’s a great way for people to escape. I remember sitting down every Sunday back in the day with my parents to watch the Disney movies that would be airing on Sunday night.

Trunk Space: Hallmark Channel is one of the few networks that is continuing to grow its viewer base and their original programming continues to grow in popularity. We’d go to church in the morning, we’d go for lunch with the whole family, and then I would go play soccer or football or whatever, and then at night we’d all sit down with our TV dinners and sit there and watch these Disney movies. Trunk Space: When you’re shooting these movies out of season, does it throw you out of whack personally?

Trunk Space: One of the things that people always seem to be drawn to, at least for those of a particular personality type, is the problem solving aspect of producing. We have a cold-pressed juice business and we’ve had it for about five years now, so I’ve always enjoyed bringing people together in collaboration.

Is that something that you found yourself being drawn to? With my business, I’ve definitely had to resolve many, many conflicts, but I do love that aspect of it. Like with movies, if you cast it right, you don’t have to do that much.Sometimes these things take a little longer to develop over the course of the 15 days, because these are such quick shoots that you really need to kind of hit the ground running.Trunk Space: Hammering something like this out in 15 days is really impressive. Usually you get the job maybe a week before you go to shoot it, so you have about a week by yourself and then you meet your leading lady and then you have two days with that person before you actually start shooting, so it really is no time at all.Fall is in the air, leaves are on the ground, and pumpkin-flavored everything is lining the shelves of grocery stores across the nation.With the changing of the seasons upon us and the turning back of the clocks just around the corner, Hallmark Channel has kicked off its Fall Harvest programming event, featuring a number of movies meant to up our autumn intake.You just have to sit back and let people do what they do.


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