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The team used these synthetic images to train their device to automatically and accurately identify and classify animals, helping scientists aggregate and analyze more than 1 million images dating back years. National Science Foundation will invest about million in research in data science and engineering via its Critical Techniques, Technologies, and Methodologies for Advancing Foundations and Applications of Big Data Sciences and Engineering (BIGDATA) program.

"Hopefully..can eventually go to all the reserves in the UC system and help them, their researchers, and their students answer interesting questions and see how far we can push this," Krintz says. Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure have each pledged up to million in cloud resources for relevant BIGDATA projects over a three-year period, and this collaboration seeks to encourage research projects to concentrate on large-scale experimentation and scalability studies.

Their "Where's the Bear" initiative uses a multitier, cloud, edge, and sensing system that combines innovations in machine learning-based image processing to automatically classify animals in images captured by remote, motion-triggered camera traps.

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Researchers at IST Austria and Harvard, Yale, and Stanford universities have developed a new computing framework that enables the analysis of the effects of crosstalk in social dilemmas or games.

Their work accounts for the quantitative evaluation of the effects of crosstalk on cooperation dynamics in a population.

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The online version now has a button at the top labeled "Show Headlines." Scientists this week are meeting in Knoxville, TN, to view the initial designs for the A21, the first U.

S.-based exascale supercomputer, to be built by 2021 at Argonne National Laboratory, nearly two years earlier than planned.

The technology will help users retrieve results that are more accurate and natural, enhance the overall search and translation functionality, and positively impact agriculture, healthcare, education, and governance across India.

In addition, the Microsoft translator is equipped with True Text, a satellite DNN-based system that enhances the translation's contextual appropriateness by filtering out repetition, pauses, and indifferent words.

"It is crucial that ad blockers keep pace with anti-ad blockers in the rapidly escalating technological arms race," Qian says.

Researchers at Microsoft have integrated artificial intelligence (AI) and deep neural networks (DNN) to improve real-time language translation for Hindi, Bengali, and Tamil.

The A21 will be built by Intel and Cray and is expected to supercharge simulation. from lagging too far behind China and Japan, who are ahead in the race to create exascale systems.


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