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Mine was purchased on e Bay on 7-28-06 as part of a lot of cameras for plus .80 shipping. The original owner was in the military and recalls buying the camera overseas around that time.

(See Cameraquest - Canonflex.) This camera includes the clip-on external meter.

The Canonflex uses Canomatic lenses which were similar but not identical to the later Canon FL lenses.

It is outside the mainstream of Canon SLRs since it had a unique lens system.

You could remove the front element of the standard 50mm f1.8 lens and screw on one of three other lenses produced by Canon: a 35mm f3.5, a 95mm f3.5 and a 125mm f3.5.

Only the EX-Auto and the prior EX-EE used these lenses.

They did not take Canon FL or FD bayonet mount lenses.

It has a typical shutter speed dial, but the aperture adjustment is on a dial on top of the camera instead of on a lens ring.

The dial does not have all the intermediate apertures but you could read what they were in the viewfinder.

The description states it is in great cosmetic condition but that it the aperture is stuck at f16; hence the low price.

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