Internet dating and meeting for the first time

Long distance relationships sustained through technology create a deep bond and intimacy, one researchers have claimed has stronger bonds and more substantial communication involved than couples who live near each other.

But what happens when your online lover of several years constantly dodges meeting up with you?

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Perhaps they don’t even know at all about your interactions, so going somewhere seven hours away might be difficult for her to hide.

There are definitely some negative perceptions from outside connections when Internet friendships/relationships carry over into the real world.

Making the transition from instant messages to the real world is a bold move.

It takes a really special person to want to hang out with them, which can ultimately put a lot of pressure on the situation at hand.

Some people automatically make the assumption that everyone on the Internet is some kind of predator or criminal who will only hurt everyone they can actually meet, and there are others who simply think that anyone who builds deep connections over the Internet is a loser with no life.

Both generalizations are untrue and hurtful and unfortunately, there’s not much anyone can do to change someone else’s mind about those things.

I’d also be crushed to wait for someone who never showed up!

In regards to your overall situation though, it simply sounds like this woman may be nervous to meet up in person, despite her expressed interest in you and meeting you in real life.

After a failed meet up and discussions about trying again, he’s not sure if it’s about her or him. I think it’s going to come down to communication between the two of you.

Presumably there is a reason that she isn’t sure about meeting you.

Maybe she’s been burned before, or maybe she’s worried about ruining what you already have, in case the reality doesn’t match up to what’s in her head. You don’t want to pressure her, but equally, you don’t want to sit in limbo wondering where you stand.


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