Interracial dating message board

So there is no danger of people thinking we fall into the old unfit white male with young tightly-clothed asian female stereotype. It doesn't bother us much what people say and think about us.

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It's one of those things that you don't notice until it happens to you every few days. I think Caucasian male/asian female is rather common here, I see quite a few.

And that's not counting the stares we get on a daily basis. We once kissed (a light peck on the cheek) each other goodbye at the train station (we catch different trains to get to work) and a gesticulating man came up and berated us for being indecent, despite the fact that not quite two feet away a teenage couple were literally licking each others' faces and groping various body parts. I fall in that category, and have almost no negative experiences due to it.

There were 5,388 such marriages last year, almost double the 2,814 in 2001.

This info taken from the bird cage liner using "number of mixed marriages in Singapore" in Google.

Thats a big number, I certainly didnt expect it to be that high, may be because I didnt observe too many during my interactions here.

If its a Malay and chinese couple, may be it wont even attract my attention as much as it would if there was an Indian or Caucasian in the mix.

May be because both Chinese and Malay are oriental and similar enough, to not stand out as much. and tend to make little enclaves where they try to make little Indias of their own kind.

It was much different, however, when my wife and I got married 30 years ago, as the derogatory comments that were hurled at my wife were atrocious when we went to Tekka Market. Also noted previously by another poster regarding certain condo complexes being predominantly made up of Indian tenants.

I've seen people ignore their own children to fawn over her.


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