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Hardbound, 168 pages, nearly 200 photos, many not previously seen. 1996 facsimile edition with new foreword by Byron Walker. Green cloth with gilt picture of the Learned pig picking out the Ace of Diamonds on the cover. reviews and photos of the shows of Houdini, Carter the Great, Maurice Rooklyn, Jack Gwynne, Milborne Christopher, John Calvert, Bill Neff, Jim Conley, Richiardi, and Les Levante. The Pendragons, Lance Burton, Johnny Thompson, Marvyn Roy, Billy Mc Comb, Bruce Cervon, Michael Finney, Whit Haydn, Johnny Ace Palmer, and many others. Most importantly, this book contains The Great Divide by De Vega, which gave Robert Harbin the inspiration for his famous "The Zig-Zag Girl". This was Jay Marshall’s favorite book, from which he learned much of the material he performed throughout his career. Included are programs, anecdotes, how he rose from a Brooklyn strong boy to a Vaudeville favorite. "I was a naive, virginal young lady of 15, and the man was one of the most gifted and bizarre personalities the world has known. This is the greatly expanded edition of the out of print softbound 2012 edition, now profusely illustrated with 188 images (106 in full color) of broadsides, leaflets, letters, frontispieces & title pages and documents – most previously unpublished.

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A comprehensive, previously unpublished and entertaining history of magic and the internationally famous magicians that toured New Zealand from the phantasmagoria in 1843 and the first magician in 1855.

Prominent were the Wizard Jacobs, Harry Houdin (yes, that spelling is correct), The Davenport Brothers, Robert Heller, Louis Hasselmayer, Chevalier Thorn, Dr Lynn, Carl Hertz, Dante (the original – Oscar Eliason), Annie Abbott, Harry Kellar and The Royal Illusionists, The Fakir of Oolu, The Steens, Madame Cora, Samri Baldwin (28 pages!

He is best known for his appearances with the World Wrestling Federation and World Championship Wrestling between 19. He made his professional wrestling debut on December 17, 1984 with the World Wrestling Federation at a WWF All American Wrestling taping in Poughkeepsie, New York, teaming with Salvatore Bellomo in a loss to WWF World Tag Team Champions Adrian Adonis and Dick Murdoch.

Roma began regularly wrestling for the WWF, and his first victory would come at a house show on February 5, 1985 against Steve Lombardi in Brooklyn, New York.

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Shortly after Roma and Powers began teaming on the house show circuit, losing to Demolition and defeating fellow preliminary team The Shadows (Randy Colley & Jose Luis Rivera).

Meanwhile, on television, Roma & Powers again lost to Demolition in May on WWF Superstars, followed by a loss to the Dream Team on Wrestling Challenge.

His first televised victory would be on May 25 at the Philadelphia Spectrum, where he defeated another preliminary wrestler, Johnny Rodz.

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