Dating the grand canyon

By closely examining the Grand Canyon of Arizona, USA, one can see how the GTS can be found in nature.How it was made Although there is no known actual reason for how the Grand Canyon was formed, the most educated hypothesis is erosion which would, of course, require an extensive period of time to cause such an enormous hole.

This ancient range is where the ancestor of the Colorado River originated.

As strange as this may sound, it is one of the few parts of the Colorado River story that all geologists agree upon.

Grand Canyon and Colorado River: The Colorado River, or some ancestor to it, has carved the Grand Canyon.

But as new techniques are developed to tease ever more information from the canyon's rocks, the age of the canyon becomes more of a puzzle. Geologists know that the canyon and the river had to have formed within the last 80 million years because this is when the sea was last present here.

As shown by this chart, the layers of rock found in the Grand Canyon match together according to the Geologic Time Scale.

The Grand Canyon is one of the most recognizable landforms on planet Earth and the most often asked question about it is, "When did it form? Geologists still debate many of the details about the origin and age of the canyon but recent geologic research has shed new light on the topic.This evidence flies in the face of many long held theories that the canyon is only about 6 million years old.The notion that the Grand Canyon could be old is not a completely new idea but the recent research uses more cutting-edge tools to arrive at this conclusion.Look for vigorous debate in the near future regarding this mind-blowing proposal.Beginning about 17 million years ago, the mountain range that fed the ancient northeast river system was destroyed by faulting, as the Basin and Range was created southwest of Grand Canyon.This is when the San Andreas Fault became active and it helped to rip apart the region that once held the lofty mountains.

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