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Grand Canyon and Colorado River: The Colorado River, or some ancestor to it, has carved the Grand Canyon.

But as new techniques are developed to tease ever more information from the canyon's rocks, the age of the canyon becomes more of a puzzle. Geologists know that the canyon and the river had to have formed within the last 80 million years because this is when the sea was last present here.

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The dating is not set by a certain amount of time like a week is, i.e.: seven days; rather, by specific events in the past as exposed by the GTS.

The following chart is a nice way of viewing how old the different layers of the Earth are in relation to modern time.

This is when the San Andreas Fault became active and it helped to rip apart the region that once held the lofty mountains.

The through-going northeast drainage system was compromised, diverted or destroyed at this time, but very little evidence for where rivers were going at this time (30 to 17 million years) remains.

Historical Geology History could easily be considered, in the most basic of senses, a study of the past.

Therefore, historical geology, at the roots, is the study of the geological landscape of the past.

The Layers of Rock in The Grand Canyon The primary layers of rock in the Grand Canyon are individually labeled and dated.

The names are: Kaibab Limestone, Toroweap Formation, Coconino Sandstone, Hermit Shale, Supai Formation, Redwall Limestone, Muav Limestone, Bright Angel Shale, Tapeats Sandstone, and Vishnu Schist.

The Grand Canyon is a beautiful, natural monument to the immense power of nature.


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