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including key weblinks to SRE and INE/IFE sites: ~ Immigration Requirements that Relate to Becoming a Naturalized Citizen ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ : ~ How to File for Residency ~ General Summary of the Steps for Getting Mexican Residency ~ Instructions for the INM Webpage for Visiting Mexico or Moving to Mexico…

and How to PRESERVE your $$ TIP deposit with Banjercito when you enter Mexico on the special 30 day visa to complete your Residente Temporal visa application process & get only a 30 day TIP ~ Traveling Outside Mexico While Your INM Residency Visa Application is Being Processed ~ Your First Visit in Mexico to your INM Office ~ Special Rights of Foreigners who are Family Members of Mexican Citizens ~ Entering Mexico with Children ~ What Can I Bring Into Mexico ~ Financial Independence (Savings or Income) Requirements for Temporary Residency / Applicants ~ INM Residente Temporal and Residente Permanente Permit Fees ~ List of Items Required by Some Mexican Consulates to Apply for Residency ~ Need Help? Foreigners living outside Mexico (or in Mexico on Tourist/Visitor visas) must go to their Mexican Consulate and start the application process there, for either Residente Temporal (RT) or Residente Permanente (RP) visas.

Do NOT enter with a 180 day tourist-visitante visa, as that cancels your Residency process …

and forces you to go back to the Consulate in the USA and start all over.

Go right away to Aduana to notify Aduana in writing that you have an INM Residente Temporal visa in process, and formally request that Aduana extend the expiration date of your 30 day TIP.

This is the same process at Aduana for both our first Temporary Resident visa & TIP combination and also for all subsequent annual INM visa renewal.

Complete a letter including the requests to preserve your $$ deposit with Banjercito, and to notify Aduana to extend your TIP expiration date (fecha de caducidad).

Back to the INM office: Once in Mexico on the 30 day visa, go online to the INM website, and file your information, use the “Canje” option/selection …. Foreigners Residente Temporal (RT) who want to either renew their current RT card (or change status to Residente Permanente (RP) , now start the application online at the INM website, and then take the Pieza Number (issued by the website) to INM with their financial documents and passport: ~ Go to the current INM webpage for applications, and enter your personal information into the INM computer database at: INMs Online Site for Applying for an Residente Temporal, Residente Permanente, or extensions of them: (

INM states that the original RT visa entry conditions no longer exist when a foreigner changes to being self-employed from working for a Mexican employer.

~ Humanitarin visas: Qualifying people who find themselves stuck in Mexico (unable to travel) due to health reasons may now get humanitarian visas.

TABLE OF CONTENTS:~ for Mexican IMMIGRATION ISSUES and Rules ~ Click to jump over “Updates” …

and view Topics & links to the specific Section you want. Foreigners who want a resident’s visa () apply at any Mexican Consulate.

See requirements & details here: https://mx/tramites/ficha/visa-de-residencia-permanente/SRE236 2, If you want to work, or receive income here, Mexico offers 3 visas with permission for “paid activities” (“ visas by either having sufficient wealth, income or property …


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