Range of radiocarbon dating gets a boost

The number of uses grows as the technology matures and becomes more widely available.Google Earth may represent a critical point, bringing the power of remote sensing to the masses and allowing anyone with an Internet connection to attach data to a geographic representation of Earth.

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Philip Davies of Sheffield University and I suggested in two letters to the Israel Antiquities Authority that, in lieu of granting proper access to all scholars and other interested persons to the unpublished corpus of the Dead Sea Scrolls - then the reigning issue in Scrolls Studies and a thing the Antiquities Authority, under the influence at the time of what was called "The International Committee", was refusing to do - it could at least conduct AMS Carbon tests (tests well within its authority to conduct) consuming less material and unknown previously and not therefore applied.

However in the letters, we attached two caveats - neither of which, in the event, were observed - 1) that "Opposition Scholars" (the term people were applying to dissenting "scholars" like myself) be included in the process to ensure objectivity and that their concerns were properly and fairly addressed (since it was they who had felt the most need for such tests in the first place); and 2) that "relative" as opposed to "absolute dating" - meaning, "earlier vs.

Clearing for oil palm plantations in Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo, in 2006. The find was no accident: three years earlier, conservationist Julian Bayliss identified the site—Mount Mabu—using Google Earth, a tool that’s rapidly becoming a critical part of conservation efforts around the world.

As the discovery in Mozambique suggests, remote sensing is being used for a bewildering array of applications, from monitoring sea ice to detecting deforestation to tracking wildlife.

“Without question, Landsat 8 is the most important new satellite of this century for monitoring land cover change,” said Asner. The scientists hope to determine not only what species may lie below but also how the ecosystem is responding to last year’s drought—the worst ever recorded in the Amazon—as well as help Peru develop a better mechanism for monitoring deforestation and degradation.

“No other satellites, other than previous Landsat systems, have proven to be as accurate for tropical deforestation and forest degradation monitoring as Landsat 8 will prove to be in the coming years.” Deforestation along roads in the Brazilian Amazon, captured in 2006. How satellites are used in conservation (04/13/2009) In October 2008 scientists with the Royal Botanical Garden at Kew discovered a host of previously unknown species in a remote highland forest in Mozambique.

Efforts to monitor the world’s forests and other ecosystems got a big boost in February with the launch of Landsat 8, NASA’s newest earth observation satellite, which augments the crippled Landsat 7 currently orbiting Earth (technically Landsat 8 is still named the Landsat Data Continuity Mission (LDCM) and will remain so until May when the USGS turns control of the satellite over to NASA).

Last week Landsat 8/LDCM sent back its first image, showing the meeting of the Great Plains with the Front Ranges of the Rocky Mountains in Wyoming and Colorado.

“Images from Landsat 8 will provide the ongoing capability to monitor land cover change around the world by extending the 30 year historical record of Landsat 5 and 7,” Potter told


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