used most often for radioactive dating - Range of radiocarbon dating gets a boost

In the past, Landsat images have provided an important baseline for tracking land use change over time, including the expansion of oil palm plantations in Malaysia and Indonesia, conversion of rainforests for industrial timber production in Sumatra, selective logging of rainforests in Peru, and deforestation for soy farms and cattle ranches in the Brazilian Amazon. Related articles Breakthrough technology enables 3D mapping of rainforests, tree by tree (10/24/2011) High above the Amazon rainforest in Peru, a team of scientists and technicians is conducting an ambitious experiment: a biological survey of a never-before-explored tract of remote and inaccessible cloud forest.Landsat data can also help forest conservation projects under the proposed Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD ) quantify reductions in carbon emissions, potentially generating cash for forest-dependent communities and project developers. They are doing so using an advanced system that enables them to map the three-dimensional physical structure of the forest as well as its chemical and optical properties.Accordingly, the new satellite was welcomed by members of the conservation community.

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) is the chronology of Qumran based on the External Data - as we showed - primarily including archaeology, paleography and, latterly, radiocarbon dating.

I covered the first two of these in several early books: , all subjected these to thoroughgoing criticism.

Moreover such a process would at least test over-inflated claims for accuracy based on these tenuous "paleographic sequences".

These suggestions along with the caveats were laid out in two letters (to which we attached the relevant literature on the new AMS Carbon testing in the event he was not familiar with them - we presumed, probably correctly, he was not) to the then Head of the Israel Antiquities Authority, Amir Drori (a former Israel General who saw service in the Lebanon War), where they fell on deaf ears - the first on May 6, 1989 and the second on June 15th, 1989, after no response was received from the first.

later" in the same test run - be the goal; because, given the fairly large margins-of-error involved (in most cases greater than the actual timespan that could be considered for a given document to begin with), "absolute dating" (an attempt to get an actual date for a given mss.) was, in the circumstances, not a realistic goal.

On the other hand, "relative dating" could at least test the paleographic sequences and the derivative claims for paleographic accuracy in Qumran Studies - at the time considered almost inviolable and virtually sacrosanct.

“Images from Landsat 8 will provide the ongoing capability to monitor land cover change around the world by extending the 30 year historical record of Landsat 5 and 7,” Potter told

“Continuity of high-quality data make Landsat unique for tracking forest conservation efforts.” Conservationists say they intend to use imagery captured by Landsat to monitor forest cover in near-real time, potentially enabling authorities to take action against illegal deforesters.

Clearing for oil palm plantations in Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo, in 2006. The find was no accident: three years earlier, conservationist Julian Bayliss identified the site—Mount Mabu—using Google Earth, a tool that’s rapidly becoming a critical part of conservation efforts around the world.

As the discovery in Mozambique suggests, remote sensing is being used for a bewildering array of applications, from monitoring sea ice to detecting deforestation to tracking wildlife.

To state this perhaps more clearly, it was my firm opinion then and now that the margins-of-error in C-14 testing for a timeframe, such as that for the mss.


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