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In addition to reducing sun glare, it was believed that kohl eyeliner could restore poor eyesight and reduce eye infection.

(ED 370) Kohl was kept in a small, flat-bottomed pot with a wide, tiny rim and a flat, disk-shaped lid.

(ED 370) Egyptian men shaved their head in order to avoid getting lice.

When the Egyptians were learning to write and make bricks in 3,000 BC, they were also importing large quantities of myrrh.

The earliest recorded items of Egyptian commerce included spices, gums and other fragrant plants that were reserved mainly for religious use.

(Keville, Green)As early as 10,000 BCE, men and women used scented oils and ointments to clean and soften their skin and mask body odor.

Dyes and paints were used to color the skin, body and hair.

The cone would gradually melt and give the wig a pleasant fragrance.

(Rigby)Because jewelry has been inherently connected to cosmetics, makeup and apparel, some abridgment is necessary.(Keville, Green) Since the Egyptians, each subsequent civilization invented unique words that referred to cosmetics and fragrance as one science, but the science eroded after Rome.Anthropologists speculate that primitive perfumery began with the burning of gums and resins for incense.The grease had a cooling effect as it melted and ran down the faces of each guest. Highly polished silver and copper mirrors aided the application of makeup.(Rigby, Brand)Some hairstyles were very similar to that of todays. Young girls usually kept their hair in pigtails while boys had shaved heads with one braided lock worn to one side.(ED 370) Although men also wore makeup, they did not carry their makeup kits with them.


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  2. Then, even if circumstances change such that it no longer provides any survival or reproductive advantage, the behavior will still tend to be exhibited -- unless it becomes positively disadvantageous in the new environment.

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