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I love your movie love in the moonlight.i speak more movies to come from you..congratulations for your successful movie drama..hoping for a new movie.The reasons why i love Park Bo Gum: 1. That's why i'm looking forward to see him more in any kdramas and i'm not worrying about his acting because i know his acting are superb!!! I am totally inlove with the glint of your eyes and when you cry, it's just like that there is an orbs, and staying your feet on the ground was your best dress. 'm still waiting for new upcoming dram series and movies. Park Bo Gum smile gives brighter in our heart and totally a genuine person off-cam or in cam. Cuz I Seriously get addicted with his kdrama series Love in the moonlight with Kim Yoo Jung ? I am hoping to watch more of his work soon and I wish nothing but success and blessings for Park Bo Gum. Your eyes can convey the complex emotions required by the character. God bless you Park Bo-Gum more opportunities to take. By the way i'd saw your videos on youtube called "boombastic" and it makes me laugh too much hahaha that's all byeeee take care always!!! He's not just a pretty face, he's very talented too. I've seen most of his works and all the character he plays are different from each other and he plays them effortlessly! When I saw him in the drama Naeil's Cantabile , I thought he is a real musician roped in to play a role. Not at all androgyn like most korean actor (not my cup of tea), and that's also what makes him wow.

no wonder why there are not so many bad comments about him, besides his good personalities, his acting in dramas/movie is amazing whenever you watch kdramas of PBG, look into his eyes. He can play any role in kdramas, such as psychopath, introvert but Jenius Go Player, conductor, police, handsome crown prince, etc. I would just like you to know that I never regret and I'll never regret for admiring you. Actually you're the reason on why I was embracing the korean dramas. Park Bo Gum is so captivating, an amazing actor showing different emotions that could moves people's heart. Dear Bogum I have been your long time fan from the US. No matter what you choose to work next, I believe it will be another success I have watched all your works and have witnessed your incredible progressing acting skill... Your forever fan ❤️ Ai Park Bo Gum Is my first Love In Kdrama.. I've watched your interviews and all, you are so consistent and kind. Having had theatrical experience, I've seldom seen young actors display such depth and versatility due to inexperience. Your portrayal of a haughty and arrogant crown prince, who later transformed into a caring, intelligent and responsible ruler, is excellent in emotional acting. I really really admire you so much....if I watched love in the moonlight so many times (no less than 10 times) I keep on watchig it again and again and again! When I'd heard about that news i was so excite but actually i can't came on that day because it's far away from our city and it makes me sad :( But hoping next time i can take a picture with you cause i can't help on stalking you on twitter. I'm your biggest fan from the philippines an i'm so proud of you especially to your new k drama LOVE IN THE MOONLIGHT, love in the moonlight is my fave kdrama because of you and kim yoo kung. I have a thing for actors who play in these kind of dramas but Park Bogum is the real deal tbh. Hoping to see you more of you in the future, Park Bogum! He's way more than just a pretty face, his facial expressions portray his emotions really well and he's not just good at playing a certain character!

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A lot of people, especially Christians, want to put you in this box of being a Christian actor, and I don't believe in it.

You do yourself and everyone else a big disservice when you start thinking about it as 'Christian art.' That's why most Christian art is bad.

I hope you will be able to do more koreanovela that touches our heart all ,,, We all fro philipine likes it and I hope you can come to visit Philippine again tour more on the nice places here in philippines ,,,,, I hope God will grant my wish to visit Korea and work there ,,, I wish i can see you in person ,,,, Jusimi,,, Hello Park Bo-Gum, ds Frankie of the Philippines, a teacher in my own native land. I wish to see you but that's very impossible isn't it? But still I'm hoping someday my wish will come true. After watching the Love in the Moonlight episodes on You Tube, I've always wanted to see his face.

I am not so fond of watching movie series even our very own, but i was amazed and appreciated how you portray your character in the movie Love in the Moonlight.

please, make it happen, i think you and unni hyeri have a great chemistry and I wish meet you in reality, kekeke.. anyway, this kid's acting is pretty near flawless, especially with his portrayal of Min in I Remember You.

:) ♥ Saranghae oppa, can you starring a drama with lee hyeri again? For some reason (see Lee Soo-Hyuk), I felt like watching the movie last night, and then I laughed my ass off at the discovery.

He is cute, okay, i know that this is so irrelevant but he has cute face so i just couldn't help but loving him moreee 4. till then stay healthy my dongsaeng.of love and support from India..mmmuahh Oppa Bo Gumssi... still praying to see you when I was at my right age enough. It is my first time being so addicted and most of it liking video clips, picture wherever i see it... Just take your time and select a drama that suits you. I wish I could travel to Korea and meet you personally together with Park Seo Joon. After watching Moonlight Drawn by Clouds and then Hello, Monster right after, I'm awed by the breadth of PBG's acting abilities, especially at a young age. Hi Bogum, It's my first time to really admire a Korean actor, who is so young but full of talent and sensitivity in acting. I've heard that you'd came here in the SRP, Bohol and Sm cebu last year ago?? He portrayed his character really well in I Remember You! The directors and producers are crazy for waiting this long to put him as the main lead he's really amazing!

I'm all hooked to you more in love in the moonlight.. Very innocent in Reply..heeeeee...can't wait for your new project.. It will be super duper awesome if you pair together. I hope Park Bo Gum will acting in good drama and high quality. Thank you babe ~ This is my first time that i do really admire a person or an actor, i never thought that i will be like any people being addicted to korean actors having their pictures in cellphone making it as wallpaper :), or watching their past and present drama/movies/shows/advertisement . :-) you're my number one(1) crush among the Korean actors! I like and I love your drama love in the moonlight and your couple kim yoo jung you are the best couple in my heart your drama love in the moonlight remains in our heart saranghae... I hope that you'll come again in the Philippines and tour the wonderful islands here in the Philippines. Because of him, I don't enjoy Lee Jin wook and Park Hyung Sik in their respective drama as much.

It was not so long ago when I thought I'd never experience to stalk someone like you.. You've always make s proud of you ,even though were just a fan . And the chemistry between you and Hyeri was so damn good that i wanted to see you together again in a drama or movie. park bo gum, i've known you since reply 88 and i fall in love with your charisma, choi taek. Everyday, I watch your drama "moonlight drawn by clouds"its so lovable. I always feel good and lighthearted after watching over and over again your sweet scenes with Ra On. In fact, we are very much Happy because you also inspired us to your beautiful journey.. I love the way you speak,,sing,, the way you smile ,, i love your eyes,, i love seeing you act in dramas ,your acting skill are amazing! Sincerely, Your fan/supporter from the Philippines hi there..... I can't wait to see more of him, I have a feeling he's gonna be big really soon and it's not just a one hit wonder situation here, I feel like he's gonna go places! Joo Won looked like a good actor paying a conductor with the nuances of a conductor and a pianist spot on BUT this boy looked like a real or a musician roped in to play a role in a drama. His performance conducting Mambo was extraordinary. Moreover, the quieter moments are intense but thoughtful. Btw, the girl co-staring him on Runaway Cops was as well really beautiful !

His cute and charming personalities, so many celebs says he has warm and innocent personalities, PBG always shows his dedication for people who mature than him. Take good care my bogummy Everything about you is worth it. Recently i've been watching Reply 1988 and i was captivated by your innocent yet charming act. I have repeatedly watched the 18 episodes, and still i couldn't get enough of the beauty of the story as acted out by very good actors like you and Yoon Jung. first of all, i just want to say thank you for inspiring me & all of us to your life by sharing your best personality as an actor & ordinary person... To My dearest Park Bo Gum i just wanna let you know that i love you so much! The way he delivered emotions throughout his scenes are really good. I've mad respect for versatile actors because it takes a lot to study a character and play it without missing some points but he does it so well! His performance of conducting Mambo and playing the Cello was just too real. His acting otherwise was quite good but when he was playing the Cello or conducting, his expressions were just too real much much much thousand miles better than Joowon's. Park Bo Gum is the best actor in Naeil's Cantabile, and there are some great actors in that drama. The energy level heightens when the camera is on him. When i first saw him on Runaway cops i was astonished ! We didn't get to see him a lot in that movie, and now with wonderful mama I can get plenty of that handsomeness.

Please create dreams that touches people's hearts and souls in a blessing way. Praising the loving heart and noble person, the amazing actor, model, dancer, and singer! honestly, i've never heard his name until about 3 months ago. Very impressed by the performance of Park Go Bum in Reply 1988! Solid story line that was written smoothly and wrapped up nicely and beautifully. Lovely omg he's an amazing actor he is sooooo handsome and his acting in i remember you literally broke my hard he is one of the best actors i do really like and i'm waiting to see him as a lead actor. I know him from Irene, because he doing MC with her, and both of them are cute MC Couple ever :'v I never miss every Friday just to see how adorable they are :3 Since that, I love him too, sometime he should be a main role in drama hope with Irene, because they are so cute to be partner :3 He is definitely one of the actors who have a lot of potential to be a top actor in the near future. We are very interested in drama which you are acting since before. Yoko hi park bo gum !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love u so much ............i'm waching hello monster every day becuse of you i'm waching music bank becuse of you park bo gum ,.... He was peeeerfect as Seo's bro, enjoyed his versatile acting (specially when he was like a girl in love all obsessed over little moments with his man crush (Seo) haha! Totally in love with the character in hello monster and park Bo gum :') ahhh please do heaps of new dramas and become a mega star! Actor who is versatile and has great eyes expression.

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